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Introduced at Guildfest 423, scroll stackers allow users to (PUSH MY <STACKER> WITH MY <SCROLL>) in order to scribe multiple copies of a number of different spell scrolls into them. The scroll being scribed is destroyed in the proccess. Each copy can later be retrieved using (PULL MY <STACKER>) after it has been TURNed to a section.

STUDYing your scroll stacker will reveal its capacity and whether or not it is a custom paper stacker.


Different scroll stackers have different capacities. Standard festival shop stackers have 20 spell sections capable of holding up to 10 copies of a spell. Capacities for limited items are higher, with GM Auction scroll stackers having 50 spell sections capable of holding 50 copies each.

Stacker Sections Copies
fire-blasted tome bound in leather 50 50
organized roll of leaves secured with twine 50 50
elegant folio bound in pale leather 30 25
standard 20 10

Custom paper

Some stackers allow for custom paper options which mean that when PULLed, you will get a <PAPER> SCROLL. To change the type of paper that a custom paper scroll stacker uses, PUSH MY <STACKER> WITH MY PAPER when holding a different type of paper.


Scroll stackers are also containers capable of holding items. Standard ones sold at festivals have a capacity of 6 length x 3 width x 3 height x 60 stones. You can LOOK IN, RUMMAGE or INVENTORY the stacker to view its contents.

Troubleshooting tips

  • If you CLOSE and OPEN the stacker it will return to the first page. This is useful if you aren't able to get back to the first page with TURN.
  • The stacker is also a container. If you find your scroll "missing", try LOOK IN <STACKER> as you might have PUT your scroll in the container instead of PUSH <STACKER> WITH <SCROLL>


  • STUDY:
    Examining the <stacker>, you're pretty sure you can OPEN, CLOSE, READ, LOOK, TURN, PUSH, PULL, FLIP.
    Your <stacker> currently has 20 spell sections and allows for 10 copies of each.
    Your <stacker> allows for custom paper on <stacker>.
    Your <stacker> is currently configured to use <paper> for scrolls. To change this, you can PUSH your <stacker> with a different PAPER.
    SYNTAX: PUSH <stacker> with (SCROLL)
    To remove a written scroll:
    TURN MY <stacker> to find the spell.
    PULL MY <stacker>
  • OPEN: You open your <stacker> to the first section.
  • CLOSE: You close your <stacker>.
  • READ (when closed): The <stacker> is closed.
  • READ (when open to an empty section): This section is empty.
  • READ (when open to an empty section - folio with contents): There's nothing in this section, but you may have spells on other sections. You can TURN <stacker> to check another section.
  • READ (when open to a spell section): The <stacker> is open to the <spell name> section. There is <number>"" copy/copies of the spell left. You can PULL <stacker> to remove the/a copy.
  • LOOK: Provides the same results as READ but also shows the scroll stacker's long description.
  • LOOK IN <STACKER>: [now (see discussion)] reveals items contained within.
  • TURN (when closed): Turning your <stacker> vertical, you flip through the pages rapidly, glancing at the contents without really seeing what's there. [If you're trying to TURN to another section, you need to OPEN your <stacker> first.]
  • TURN (when open): You turn to a new section in your <stacker>.
  • PUSH (when closed): You tap your finger against your <stacker> pensively. [If you're trying to add something to your <stacker>, you need to open the <stacker> first.]
  • PUSH (when open): What are you trying to push into your <stacker>? [SYNTAX: PUSH <stacker> WITH (SCROLL|PAPER)]
  • PUSH (with unread scroll): Realizing that the scroll is not labelled, you stop, unsure of where to add the spell in.
  • PUSH (with un-sectioned scroll): Not finding a matching section, you flip to an empty section, and after labeling it, you copy in the spell. Your scroll crumbles to dust afterward.
  • PUSH (with sectioned scroll): Flipping through the tome, you find room in a matching section, and copy in the spell. Your scroll crumbles to dust afterward.
  • PULL (when closed): You pull at the binding on your <stacker>. [If you're trying to remove a scroll, you need to open the FOLIO first.]
  • PULL (when open to an empty section): This section is empty.
  • PULL (when open to a spell section - multiple copies): Carefully, you remove a copy of the spell from your <stacker>.
  • PULL (when open to a spell section - last copy): This was the last copy in that section. You erase the section from your <stacker>.
  • FLIP:
    You flip through the <stacker>, checking each section before closing it.
    The <spell> section has 1 copy available.
    Section 2 is empty.
    Section 3 is empty.
    Section 4 is empty.
    Section 5 is empty.
    Section 6 is empty.
    Section 7 is empty.
    Section 8 is empty.
    Section 9 is empty.
    Section 10 is empty.
    Section 11 is empty.
    Section 12 is empty.
    Section 13 is empty.
    Section 14 is empty.
    Section 15 is empty.
    Section 16 is empty.
    Section 17 is empty.
    Section 18 is empty.
    Section 19 is empty.
    Section 20 is empty.


ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Abyssal-black codexThe Book Wyrm (3)The Book Wyrm (1)true
Assortment of tattered papers swathed in heartstring laceSleeping Dragon Corn Maze 425/Incidental loot
Bamboo folder secured with a series of animite ringsDrogor Shrinetrue
Battered and string-wrapped parcelSleeping Dragon Corn Maze 447/End lootSleeping Dragon Corn Maze 443/End loottrue
Black and gold swirled codex crafted from woodThe Book Wyrm (3)The Book Wyrm (1)true
Bright green scroll case dangling gilded teapot crocus bloomsBlood and Gourd (5)true
Calligrapher's scroll folio covered in enaadaItem:Canvas tote pinned with a vardite tomeAesthene's Close 441/Raffletrue
Carmine codex featuring a stitched coverThe Book Wyrm (3)The Book Wyrm (1)true
Cerulean watersilk scroll case secured with a silver claspBlood and Gourd (5)true
Colorful scroll carrier covered with embroidered tartsSleeping Dragon Corn Maze 447/End lootSleeping Dragon Corn Maze 443/End loottrue
... further results

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