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Command to search through containers with various types of filters.
RUMMAGE <container>

You see: Search results.
Others see: <Player> rummages through <container> searching with intent, but it quickly becomes apparent she's not got a clue where to look.

Rummage Help:


    RUMMAGE MY BACKPACK - View items in your backpack.
    RUMMAGE /G MY BACKPACK - View gems in your backpack.
    RUMMAGE BACKPACK ON TABLE - View items in backpack on another object.

  Valid Options:

    A = Armor          G = Gems
    AM = Ammunition    H = Healing Herbs or Potions
    B = Boxes          S = Skins or Hides
    F = Fish           W = Weapons

    C = Custom
      Custom is a special option that will allow you to search
      the target container matching the word following the /C switch.
      For example, 'RUMMAGE /C LOCKPICK BACKPACK' will search your
      backpack and look for anything that matches the word 'lockpick' in the
      object's noun.

  {} = Optional

Note: Some surfaces carrying inventory items are not compatible with Rummage <surface>. Rummage On <surface> should work in these cases.

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