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The AVOID command allows you to manage the allowance or prevention of various activities directed towards your character. For quickly changing all options, you can use the ALL keyword.


AVOID flag settings: (! means no.) Example; AVOID JOIN allows joining, AVOID !JOIN disables the ability of others to join you. AVOID !ALL sets them all to NO, AVOID ALL clears them all.

  • Dancing
  • Dragging
  • Holding
  • Joining
  • Teaching
  • Touching (Empathic healing)[1]
  • Whispering

[Thief Only]

  • Singing

When just typing the basic avoid, it will set the option to be allowed. If a "!" is placed before the option, it will disable the option.

Interaction With Demeanor

Sometimes, DEMEANOR and avoid flags can affect the same systems. In general, if you have an avoid turned on, you're going to avoid that interaction regardless of your demeanor setting. On the other hand, if you have an avoid turned off, your demeanor may prevent an interaction even though you aren't specifically trying to avoid it.

Special Note

Having AVOID !TEACH set will hide your comparable skill level to others who use the ASSESS TEACH command, should you not wish others to know your general skill level in the class subject.


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