Item:Miniature ice adder with glittering fangs

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miniature ice adder with glittering fangs
Look: Carved into a sinuous and skeletal form, the serpent's bone-white witchclaw body is liberally coated in sparkling dust that shimmers with icy hues. Fragments of opaque white and frosted blue crystal cling to the narrow, sharply pointed ribs. Large fangs cut from clear crystal glimmer with pallid light, mirroring its highly reflective glacial blue eyes.
Weight: 5 stones
Appraised Cost: 25,000 Kronars
20,000 Lirums
18,040 Dokoras
25 LTBpoints
25 Tickets
25 Scrips
Special Properties:
Dimensions: 1 length x 1 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Sleek repair case fashioned from frosted glass, Siegery Shop (4), Siegery Shop (3), Siegery Shop (2), Siegery Shop (1)

You think that the adder is a siegery toy. It is a small soldier.
The ice adder does not belong to you. You'll need to TURN it to make it yours.
You think you can DROP the ice adder to have it join in on a siegery game.
You can also PUSH the ice adder when on the ground to have it attack.
You can REPAIR the ice adder when broken.


Successful Attack:

  • The miniature ice adder exhales a cloud of frozen vapor at <opposing soldier>! Shivering, it staggers backwards, covered in a layer of damaging ice!
  • The miniature ice adder flicks its tail at <opponent's castle>'s outer walls, peppering it with a volley of glittering ice shards!

Failed Attack:

  • The miniature ice adder coils around itself, a thin layer of frost forming over its body as it takes an unexpected mid-battle nap!
  • The miniature ice adder opens its jaws wide, attempting to exhale a cloud of frozen vapor. Unfortunately, all it manages is a wheezing cough that causes it to shed a few crystalline scales!
  • The miniature ice adder springs at <opposing soldier>, snapping its crystal fangs. It easily parries the attack!


  • The miniature ice adder slumps to the ground, a gust of frigid wind swirling around its form before dissipating, leaving behind only the remnants of carved bones and melting ice.