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Description: A property to declare an ability, item, or spell boosts a skill, stat, or other trait in a positive manner.
Type: Page

There are currently 231 items in this property, 23 of which are incomplete, and 5 of which are outdated.

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Abadremi figurine +Intelligence (stat)  +
Aegis of Granite +Strength (stat)  +, Stamina (stat)  +, Shield Usage skill  +
Aesandry Darlaeth +Reflex (stat)  +
Aethrolysis +No buffs  +
Aggressive Stance +Evasion skill  +, Brawling skill  +
Amulet on a silver chain made from a bone wolf tail +Skinning skill  +
Anloral tabby cat pin +Devotion  +, Soul system  +
Apple seed bracelet +Evasion skill  +
Armor:Badly misshapen bone greaves with raised and hardened ridges +Wisdom (stat)  +
Armor:Blackened mail gauntlets (2) +Evasion skill  +
Armor:Misshapen bone gauntlets with sharpened talons +Charisma (stat)  +
Artificer's Eye +Arcana skill  +, Enchanting skill  +
Aspects of the All-God +Augmentation skill  +, Debilitation skill  +, Sorcery skill  +,
Athleticism +Athletics skill  +
Aura Sight +Astrology skill  +, Attunement skill  +
Auspice +Charisma (stat)  +, Spirit health regeneration  +, Spirit Health  +
Avren Aevareae +Thievery skill  +, Stealth skill  +, Light  +


Baby ox skull engraved with crude symbols +Fatigue  +
Badly misshapen bone greaves with raised and hardened ridges +Wisdom (stat)  +
Battered belaying pin +Discipline (stat)  +
Bear Form +Warding skill  +, Strength (stat)  +
Bear Strength +Strength (stat)  +, Stamina (stat)  +
Benediction +Strength (stat)  +, Reflex (stat)  +, Agility (stat)  +
Beseech the Wind to Refresh +Vitality  +
Blackened mail gauntlets (2) +Evasion skill  +
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