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Damian McKinnon
Race Elothean
Gender Male
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Platinum

He had just stepped down and away from the door of the inn with a look of determination. Cobbled stone crunches under his boots as the pockmarked alley meets his weight. Dark, silver-flecked, stormy grey eyes scan the crowd with an inscrutable raptor gaze. As his head swivels, your eyes meet and his seem to bore into the depths of your soul. For but an instant you are entwined in his vision leaving your soul bared to excruciating scrutiny. A bright glint from a faceted ruby pendant around his neck jolts you from the dazing experience. Recovering quickly and refocusing your eyesight to the spot where once he stood, a crawling shadow obfuscates the barren doorway; two motes of flickering light stare back from the mass of writhing darkness, its denizens obviously disturbed. Surely he had slipped into the crowd.. surely.