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Status Active
Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Trader
Instance Platinum



You are Spider Mistress Beronica D'Armitage.

You have a square-jawed face with elegant arched eyebrows, penetrating starry silver eyes and a classical nose. Your snow-white hair is very long and curly, and is worn pulled back in a bun. You have cloud grey skin and a curvaceous figure.

You are captivatingly compact for a Human.

Your back has a tattoo of a set of perfectly balanced Trader scales piled high with various coins. The scales appear inadequately small as several coins spill over the sides like a rainbow of precious metals.

You are wearing a spidersilk hairnet with pitch pearl highlights, a tomiek spider earcuff with eyes of faceted stura atulave, a tomiek spider earcuff with eyes of faceted stura atulave, a triple-strand lilac moonsilver necklace, a lacy spider web woven into an intricate choker, a spidersilk cloak, a steel biomechanical tarantula, a silky atulave cobweb spider guarding an aeschelich egg sac, some storm-grey hose accented with silver spidersilk webbing, a pale green lynx spider with translucent legs, a ragged-ear grizzled Rathan rat with silver streaked fur, a silverweave document satchel with polished kiralan buckles, a timelessly elegant stormsilk gown, a dergatine corset set with preserved butcherbird eyes along the bust, an elegant nightsilk dress coat delicately patterned with wispy silver spiderwebs, an onyx-eyed viper charm and an acenite hip-chain woven to resemble a spider's web. >