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Status Active
Race S'Kra Mur
Gender Male
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Platinum
Relatives Arathael (best friend)


You see Death's Fire Morpion, a S'Kra Mur.
He has a sharp-featured face with sharp white fangs barely showing over bulbous pouty lips, dark slitted pupilless eyes and a scarred and burned tapering snout, dark smoke-hued scales with crimson-gold edges, a curving tail with dual ridges of sharp blackened spines running the length and a lean muscular build.
He is colossal for a S'Kra Mur.
An intricate haralun triangle rests on his forehead, just above his eyes.
He is an adult.
He is wearing a ghastly dull steel skull mask reinforced with bronze plating and wires. Cracks and dents cover the guise's surface, rending the grim visage a used, cracked, and broken appearance.

Custom gear


a pattern-welded tyrium tekkan with a mottled ruddy black verenite skull pommel

Look: Multiple pieces of the dark purple metal, twisted and manipulated, form the deadly business end of this masterful tool of destruction. Exquisite whorls and wavering bands encircle and flow around the blunt blade fitted to an extended ghostly-white alerce haft wrapped with gray tiger sharkskin and ending with a grinning verenite skull-shaped pommel. Flowing script lettering carved into the haft and embellished with tiny, sparkling blood red rubies reads, "Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn."

a wickedly curved dagger streaked across the blade with lava sphalerite fire rain

Look: Set as if raging across the blade in a torrential downpour that races toward the tip, the gem flecks are a vibrant red-orange and seems to flicker with hints of yellow, creating the impression of sunlight glinting off molten lava. The glowing black moonsilver hilt is cunningly crafted to create the silhouette of a diminutive S'Kra Mur warrior mage, arms raised as if releasing the raging torrent. A hinged catch allows the blade to be locked open and is molded to look like a swirling vortex of flame.

a viciously-sharpened glaes war axe with a verdant moonsilver-embedded blackwood haft

Look: Impeccably forged, the pattern-welded dual blades remain as sharp as the day they were made atop the deep ebony grain of the pole. Winding downwards on the blackwood pole is a silvery metal pit viper emitting a vivid green glow adding shadows and detail to its sinuous curves. The deadly serpent's eyes are set with a pair of night-black zephyr hearts that stare out from the bottom of the weapons grip. The initials "R. R." are impressed into the surface of the metal.

some blackened haralun hand claws formed into mottled ruddy black verenite eyed viper heads

Look:The open mouth serpentine heads of the vipers are made to form around the wearer's hands, fangs protruding outward into sturdy and sharp points. Intricately crafted crimson and blackened moonsilver creates the scales that cross the diamond-shaped heads to give the appearance of eerily glowing magma.

a beveled rockwood nightstick embedded with pristine white grazhite shards Look:Razor sharp shards jut out from the angle-edged cylinder, designed to accompany a dragging and slicing aspect to the already powerful battering attack of the stave. Weathered and cracking zombie-skin leather wrapping for grip almost blends seamlessly with the nearly grainless smooth grey wood. An evilly grinning skull appears burnt into the rounded top of the business end.

a massive razor-honed kertig falchion with a melted animite crossguard. Look:The enormous blackened silver blade is flawlessly forged without a single whorl or imperfection. What may have at one point been an equally well crafted hilt, is now mostly a melted ruin adhering to little more than a vague implication of its original shape. The pommel of the blade is a magnificent Inferno's heart has been carved to form a grinning fiendish skull. The initials "R. R." are impressed into the surface of the metal.


a reinforced arzumos-hide shield edged with blackened moonsilver

Look: Tarnished-looking moonsilver is shaped into flames around the shield curling inward twisting haphazardly around the face toward the center. The inferno of tarnished metal whorls radiate an eerie black glow encircling two large lava sphalerites embedded in the center of the hard black leather. The distinct differences in the shadowy glow and vibrant red-orange flicker mixing gives the shield a chaotic beauty only a master craftsman could accomplish.

a matte black silversteel targe embossed with a gruesome burnt orange elanthite eyed skull

Look: Scuffed and tinted to a flat black, the silversteel serves as an elegant backdrop to the grotesque blood red skull that stares balefully from the face of the shield. Durable silverweave arm straps are riveted to the back with ruby-tipped studs. Scribbled and misspelled notes jotted onto the back read, "Keep fyre rein on when ootside. Ring o Spiers fir in. Don t b a dumy Morp.""


some matte black mesh battle armor inlaid with a gruesome crimson moonsilver skull

Look: Masterful engineering connects rows of dark riveted rings, constructing a flexible and strong mesh. Fragile silvery-red wires are woven sinuously throughout the mesh in the torso and coalesce to form a softly glowing skull. Lava sphalerite eyes peer from the eye sockets of the ghastly visage, the gemstone glinting with a vibrant red-orange and hints of yellow. A closer examination reveals a dark silverweave padding that lines the body armor and a steelsilk harness keeps it secured to the operator.

some steel knuckle operator gloves wrapped with flat-black silverweave

The flexible tightly interlaced chains underneath the pitch black threads woven with silver provide perfect protection for the novice or experienced operator during wet work. Smooth steel knuckleguards set with scorpion diamonds protect the exposed back of the hand while in melee combat. A soft cushion of gryphon down lines the gloves to keep a comfortable and snug fit during battle.

a matte-black chain balaclava shaped like a viper's head with large tyrium fangs

Reinforced strips of darkened steel have been shaped to form the flat and deadly head, while links of mail have been dyed to simulate the reptile's writhing scales. Sharp and hooked, two fangs of pure tyrium protrude from the balaclava's crown, a teardrop shaped bearclaw emerald is set in the tip of one like a hanging drop of venom.


a ghostly-white barred eagle-owl with pitch black eyes

Look: The powerful talons and beak are a striking gold against the black-banded white feathers. Its huge dark eyes are in turn curiously innocent and wise, or ferocious when the creature is angry. The raptor stretches its wings as if ready to glide low through the air before dropping to the ground in search of prey.

Containers and Gear

a mottled grey silverweave engineering carry-all

Look: Constructed from thick silverweave webbing for maximum ventilation and durability, the container has several labeled compartments to provide quick and easy access to all carving, shaping or tinkering needs. With a heavy-duty steel closure, two regulating front buckles and side straps, the carry-all is adjustable to fit and stay secure upon even the most active wearer.

a dark silverweave tactical thigh harness

Look: Matte black in color, the harness is covered by numerous and differently sized pouches secured by clips. Compression straps allow for adjustment to each of the different compartments and provide ample room for gear or equipment. Modifiable straps braided from steelsilk crisscross the upper thigh to ensure a secure and streamlined fit while fighting or maneuvering through obstacles.

a dark silverweave tactical backpack

Look: The pitch black pack is covered in a myriad of varying sized pockets, multiple clips, and compression straps to provide storage for anything an adventurer could ever need. Adjustable mesh shoulder straps attach to a steelsilk sternum support to ensure a secure fit while fighting or maneuvering through obstacles.

a matte black silverweave tactician's vest

Look: The vest has several zippered compartments and a myriad of pouches attached provide quick and easy access to all combat, survivalist, or medical needs. With a heavy duty steel zipper, two regulating front buckles, side straps, and modifiable shoulder panels, the vest is easily adjustable to provide a custom and secure fit for the moving tactician.

Custom Foci

a dark glitvire skull with lava sphalerite eyes

Look: As if carved from the tree of nightmares, the wood comprising the skull has a dark, satiny finish and intricately whorled grain inset with flecks of variegated greens and purple. Lava sphalerites set into the eye sockets give the skull an almost menacing glare as the red-orange gems seem to flicker with hints of yellow.

Custom depart

Your View: Your body is lifted into the air upon a raging inferno of wind and fire. The flames glow bright, and with a moan, your corpse disintegrates into the air!

Others' View: A muted humming starts to amplify from deep within Morpion's corpse. Body twitching and shaking violently, brilliant orange and white flames materialize in a swirling torrent that engulfs him and lifts him limply into the air! A bestial moan and rasping sigh are emitted from the corpse as the flames rage, illuminating the surroundings in a brief, blinding glare. The hellish winds and fire consume the flesh and bones, casting the ashes to the winds of Elanthia.