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<article> <adjective> <noun>
Look: You see nothing unusual.
Weight: 5 stones
Appraised Cost: 0 Kronars
0 Lirums
0 Dokoras
0 LTBpoints
0 Tickets
0 Scrips
Special Properties:
  • This item is part of the vanity pet system.
  • This item has more than normal or unusual verbs.
Dimensions: 1 length x 1 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Whimsically lifesculpted pozumshi tree covered in emerald leaves, Drathrok's Duskruin 430/Incidental loot, Drathrok's Duskruin 426/Incidental loot

Monkeys are pets similar to kittens, but do not have tiers.

You can find one per category in Duskruin Labyrinth during Drathrok's Duskruin 426, but can be given away by using GIVE. Don't forget to register your monkey!


Note: Article and Adjective list may not be complete.

Article Adjective Noun
  • albino
  • black-striped
  • bare-bottomed
  • black-striped
  • blue-faced
  • brassy-haired
  • bright-eyed
  • chubby
  • cream-colored
  • dark-masked
  • ebon
  • fiery red
  • fuzzy
  • ghostly white
  • golden-haired
  • gold-headed
  • lanky
  • large-eyed
  • lilac
  • lithe
  • long-fanged
  • long-fingered
  • long-nosed
  • long-tailed
  • multicolored
  • night-hued
  • orange
  • pale-eyed
  • pallid
  • pink-bottomed
  • pocket-sized
  • polydactyl
  • popeyed
  • pure white
  • red-eyed
  • ring-tailed
  • shadowy grey
  • shaggy
  • shifty-eyed
  • sickly
  • slate-grey
  • slender
  • small
  • smelly
  • snowy
  • spiky-haired
  • striped
  • sunset-hued
  • tiny
  • tufted
  • violet
  • white-masked
  • wooly
  • yellow-faced
  • arsharra
  • catacomb
  • crypt
  • grotto
  • Idon's song
  • Lost Crossing
  • subterranean
  • temple
  • undercroft
  • Undershard
  • marmoset
  • monkey
  • paguur
  • tamarin
  • zari


Being quite familiar with the monkey, you believe you could interact with it in a number of ways, including: feed, wave, greet, drop, put*, pet, clean, poke, whisper, hug, kiss, smooch, scratch, tickle, snuggle, get or give**.


Verb Clarifications

* These monkeys ONLY enjoy being placed inside their own special containers. Don't lose yours!
** These monkeys CAN be given away. Using GIVE clears you as the owner.


The monkeys have moods. Certain verbs can increase their level of agitation or affection. The same verbs can generate MANY potential responses depending on your monkey's current mood!


Certain alterers may be willing to trim, dye, or add designs to your monkey's fur, or otherwise make descriptive alterations to it. Not all alterers will be willing to work with them. We will not, under any circumstance, allow alterations that imply abuse or cruelty. The alterer has the final say to what she will allow -- please don't argue.


Verbs marked with an asterisk(*) can cause a random response from the monkey. Bold verbs are premium only.

  • FEED* (Along with default responses, your pet may also do one of these random actions to eat the item): You attempt to feed a bright red apple to your [adjective] [noun].
    • Your [noun] practically pounces on the red apple in your hand, tears off a big bite, and then chews it up with evident delight.
    • Your [noun] deigns to take a bite of a bright red apple.
    • Your [noun] takes a bite from the offered red apple and then very deliberately spits it out onto the ground.
    • Your [noun] nibbles delicately on the red apple.
  • WAVE: Holding your [adjective] [noun], you grab its tail and tug it around to wave in the little [noun]'s face. With lightning speed, the [noun] jabs you in the eye, looking indignant.
  • GREET: You draw your [adjective] [noun] up close to your face and touch noses with it.
  • PET*: You pet your [adjective] [noun].
  • CLEAN: You lick your thumb and try to wipe a bit of ick from your [adjective] [noun]'s face. It leans back and side to side, all the while shaking its head, but you persist until your [noun]'s face is smudge free.
  • POKE*: You poke your [adjective] [noun]. By the look it just gave you, you are now on its last nerve.
  • WHISPER*: You lean in and whisper all your worries to your [adjective] [noun]. Cupping your face in its little hands, the [noun] places its forehead against yours, holding you there a bit longer than necessary.
  • HUG*: You wrap your arms around your [adjective] [noun] affectionately, squeezing it so tightly it lets out a little grunt.
  • KISS*: You smother your [adjective] [noun] with kisses.
  • SMOOCH*: You smooch your [adjective] [noun] on the tip of its adorable little nose.
  • SCRATCH*: You scratch your [adjective] [noun]'s back affectionately.
  • TICKLE*: You tickle your [adjective] [noun] on its tummy with the very tips of your fingers, causing it to squeal.
  • SNUGGLE*: You craddle your [adjective] [noun] in your arms, rocking it to and fro as you hum a soft tune.

Random Responses

  • What seems like a smile is soon followed by a loud shriek as your [adjective] [noun] spins in circles, pounding its chest in warning.
  • Without warning, your [adjective] [noun] lets out a yowl so loud it makes your eardrums sizzle.
  • Your [adjective] [noun] balls up its itty-bitty fist and punches you in the stomach.
  • Your [adjective] [noun] begins to gibber for no particular reason.
  • Your [adjective] [noun] brings one hand up to its mouth and begins to lick between its fingers.
  • Your [adjective] [noun] curls its tail around your waist, babbling happily.
  • Your [adjective] [noun] fixes you with a hard, unwavering stare, its hands searching for something to throw.
  • Your [adjective] [noun] gazes up at you, puckers up its lips, and begins making kissing noises.
  • Your [adjective] [noun] grabs your hand and shakes your arm insistently.
  • Your [adjective] [noun] grabs your nose with its tiny hand. It stares up at you and twists and tugs until finally you slip a finger under its hand and pry its fingers free. With a look that very clearly says, "I meant to do that," it returns to staring idly into the distance.
  • Your [adjective] [noun] hums softly to itself.
  • Your [adjective] [noun] leaps onto your shoulder and smacks you right on the face before sliding back down as if nothing ever happened.
  • Your [adjective] [noun] nibbles on your fingers, holding on gently.
  • Your [adjective] [noun] shoves a finger up its nose and stares up at you with large, innocent eyes.
  • Your [adjective] [noun] twists around to bite your hand. Ouch!

Monkey Harness

When found during the Drathrok's Duskruin 426 event, the monkey would be picked up via a harness. Each thigh-worn harness was designed as a monkey home, and could have the following variations in the pattern of:

  • a <adjective> leather harness with a <embellishment condition> <embellishment metal> clasp
  • Note: Adjective and Embellishment list may not be complete.
Adjective Embellishment Condition Embellishment Metal
  • ash-grey
  • azure
  • bisque
  • bistre
  • black
  • blue
  • blue-violet
  • burgundy
  • burnt umber
  • cerulean
  • chartreuse
  • cobalt
  • coppery
  • cream-colored
  • dark coral
  • dark cyan
  • dark violet
  • deep blue
  • deep crimson
  • flax-colored
  • garnet-red
  • green
  • heather blue
  • heliotrope
  • light yellow
  • lilac
  • navy blue
  • pale flaxen
  • pale green
  • pale peach
  • pearl-white
  • sandy yellow
  • sea-blue
  • sepia
  • slate-blue
  • somber black
  • sorrel-brown
  • steel-blue
  • tangerine
  • translucent
  • twilight purple
  • vermilion
  • violet
  • violet-red
  • white
  • yellow
  • antiquated
  • bent
  • brittle
  • corroded
  • dented
  • elegant
  • fancy
  • intricate
  • labyrinthine
  • ornate
  • polished
  • pure
  • scratched
  • shiny
  • simple
  • sleek
  • smooth
  • stained
  • tarnished
  • twisted
  • brass
  • bronze
  • copper
  • lead
  • pewter
  • steel
  • tin