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Amythyste Menarakiaar
Status Active
Race Elothean
Gender Female
Guild Cleric
Instance Platinum


You see Amythyste Menarakiaar, Consecrated Voice of Phelim, an Elothean.

Amythyste has a peaked face with pale freckles across the nose and cheeks, delicate ears, darkly shadowed amaranthine eyes and a perfectly ordinary nose. Her silver-blonde hair is hip length and silky with heavy bangs, and is worn tied back in an elegant chignon held in place by a midnight-hued Phelim's Bliss rose made of glittering starlight velvet. She has milky porcelain skin painted with whorls of shimmering ethereal hues that give it an otherwordly appearance and a frail figure.

She is moderately tall for an Elothean.

A tear-shaped dragon-blood ruby adorned with an intaglio bouquet of ghost orchids nestles at the top of her forehead, brightened by faint, darting sparkles deep within the gem.

She appears to be in her prime.

She has a tattoo of fiery stars depicting an unraveled version of the early winter sky. Spiraling around the arm from shoulder to fingertips, the realistically rendered design culminates in the constellation of the nightingale overlaid with a translucent image of the songbird, masterfully shaded in fantastic colors, on her left palm.

A shadowy orb rippling with silver arcs of light hovers like a will-o-wisp, following her diligently.

She is in good shape.

She is wearing a softly glowing moonsilver halo set with a spiral of faceted star-cut garnets, a spiraling crystalline earcuff designed to pierce the helix of the ear, a black ribbon choker suspending a thealstone locket ornately inlaid with an "A", a formal cloak of midnight diamond ialalhe clasped with an alabaster lotus, a formal black dreamweave kimono embroidered with swirling phofe flowers, some tiny forget-me-nots made from sapphire silk strung together in a wristlet, a long moonsilk prayer sash accented with a perfect twilight sapphire pendant, some sheer alabaster spidersilk stockings and a pair of brocade watersilk slippers embellished with Imperial sapphires.

Martial Appearance

You see Ashala'taman's Avenger Amythyste Menarakiaar, Consecrated Voice of Phelim, an Elothean.

Amythyste's features are covered by a silver visor shaped into a beautiful face with an austere countenance.

She is in good shape.

She is holding a haledroth wakizashi with an elegant crystal-bone tsuba in her right hand.

She is wearing a shining silversteel helm encircled by a crown of stars, a spiraling crystalline earcuff designed to pierce the helix of the ear, a luminous dreamstone suspended from a fine crystal chain, a tailored shirt of soft white cloth with billowing sleeves edged in silvery thread, a knee-length sleeveless robe of lustrous starlight velvet, a gleaming agonite ceremonial shield engraved with a labyrinthine design, some silversteel mail gloves traced with a labyrinthine pattern, a long moonsilk prayer sash accented with a perfect twilight sapphire pendant, some form-fitting night-black meditation pants and a pair of polished onyx-hide cavalry boots with reinforced heels and toe caps.

Spell Prep

Amythyste traces an incandescent shesegri pattern in the air as she begins a lilting chant. The glowing pattern explodes into myriad rainbow-colored shards as the cadence slows.


[Aesry Surlaenis'a, A Courtyard] A cherry tree stands like a dancer poised to move with the first note of music. The ground beneath is cobbled with octagonal stones, tufts of grass sprouting neatly in the cracks. A single bench beneath the tree faces the ondjai entry screen, its back turned to the courtyard gate. You also see an elegant marble-pillared ondjai with an e'erdream tree in the front that suspends a silver dance trapeze.

[Amythyste's Home] Screens of soft white ricepaper and a smooth goldenoak floor brushed with green covered by a plush moss-green rug dappled with blues and purples enclose this room. In one corner lies a carved cloud white sana'ati trundle bed with a colorfully embroidered coverlet, and near the bed sits a lacquered meditation table on which rests a tiny dark-eyed dryad seated within the branches of a cherry pozumshi tree. An arched white marble fireplace inlaid with matching jasper and emerald willows burns along the far wall with an ivory silk wall panel painted with a stylized cloudscape hanging above it. The room holds a strong scent of cherry blossoms. You also see an Ilithian black bogbirch wardrobe carved with lotus blossoms and a pile of leaf green silk cushions.