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Elizzibiana DrikWalla
Status Active
Race S'Kra'ur Mur
Gender Female
Guild undisclosed
Instance Prime
Relatives Isaish (wife)

Pokeke Izzu'hhr Elizzibiana DrikWalla-Eshinar, a S'Kra Mur.


She has a sharp-featured face, tormented slitted jade eyes and a deeply scarred snout, abyssal black scales, a long tail and a brawny figure. She is mountainous for a S'Kra Mur. She has an eerie illusion of a grinning S'Kra Mur skull painted on her face.
She is archaic.

She has a tattoo of a scene depicting a S'kra Kor clansman herding several Gor'Togs into a pen while several S'kra Mur look on. The Chieftain appears to be speaking to several Dhrakhhn S'kra traders while the clan shaman watches over all. The tail tip of a large night-black viper starts under the scene, its body rolling over the branded bicep. The words "Slo ku pivo'hrr'shu, Azhaquai Tel'rath'a Gavelg" follow the sinous curve of the viper ending with its head twisting around a dagger embedded in the flesh on her shoulder.

She is wearing a bunch of customized stuff, Ianhanse took lessons from her.



Birthdate: 13 Shorka 325 after Lanival
Birthplace: Someplace southwest of Shard, very far west of The Brine Mare to her knowledge
Marriage: Shorka 363 after Lanival
Mate: Isaish DrikWalla-Eshinar
Sraan: Sraan T'Lar, Sraan Rasha
Guild: Former Pickpocket
Diety: Ushnish

(Some of her) Alterations:

  • a moonstone wedding band set with a sunstone cobra and an amber boar
-The moonstone band is engraved with the crest of the Sraan T'Lar, a jungle green shield bearing two crossed scimitars by a variety of vials on one side with the Warrior Mage Guild crest on the other. The cobra is curled around itself, setting upon the boar's back as if riding into battle.
  • A moonstone wedding band reads: "Mivar Feas, Alrar Abues. Ruai Abarai'ati, Abarakh Zaradil"

  • a delicate silver ring set with a piece of darkened moonstone
-Set within an intricate scale-patterned filigree, the gem is carved across its face with a symbol that time has worn nearly smooth. A dagger-shaped inclusion within the stone is only visible when light touches the surface at the right angle. Nearly hidden within the wirework, phrases in Eth'ral'khh wend their way on overlapping paths, rendering them difficult to read at best.
  • A delicate silver ring reads: "Ushnishs' s'zhaan."

  • a silver ru'at bracelet inlaid with moonstones and sunstones entwined with onyx
-The stones inlaid into the band of silver surround a pair of intricate crests. A jungle green shield bearing two crossed scimitars surrounded by a variety of vials over the words, "Sraan T'Lar" rests beside a sky-blue shield with a scene of pack animals standing among a field of flowers above the words "Sraan Rasha." Carefully etched into the lower edge, two golden lions are depicted, one above the other, on a shield of red above the name "DrikWalla."
  • A silver ru'at bracelet reads: "Slo ku pivo'hrr'shu."

  • a dusty black spidersilk harness studded with silver and splattered with dark stains
-The dusty black harness shows some wear and tear, and the stains are reminiscent of dried blood which has become embedded around the silver studs. Embroidered on the front strap is the Warrior Mage Guild crest beside the crest of the DrikWalla family, and the back bears the crests of the Sraans Rasha and T'Lar. Eth'ral'khh lettering is engraved onto the silver buckle.
  • A black spidersilk harness reads: "Slo ku pivo'hrr'shu".

  • a Musparan silk sash with a scarlet glaes pasabas and a S'Kra scimitar hanging from it
-Woven from steel-grey Musparan silk, the traditional Velakan sash is designed to wrap tightly around a wearer's waist, concealing a leather belt within its fabric. Charcoal threads run through the fabric, highlighting a tone-on-tone pattern of S'Kra Mur forms entwined with vipers. Lava-hued spidersilk trim varies in width to resemble a river of molten rock flowing along the sash's edges. A pair of matching belt frogs attach to the belt, allowing for two weapons to be displayed at the wearer's left hip.

  • a steel-grey spidersilk uaro's'sugi (head scarf) trimmed in bold red silk
-Golden threads run through the soft fabric, highlighting a tone-on-tone pattern of S'Kra Mur forms entwined with vipers. The lava-hued edge varies in width to resemble a river of molten rock bordering the cooler interior. In one corner, a dark figure is shown driving a staff toward the ground at his feet causing jagged pattern of crimson and gold lines to stretch out around him.

  • some firesilk-lined blackened steel elbow spikes
-Forged from a single piece of curved steel, the trio of blackened steel spikes are etched with a representation of Ushnish standing amost a lava flow with his weapon Indakar Grkhh'a in hand. When struck by light, the red silk threads used in the warp of the firesilk strap create a fiery orange-red shimmer that causes the traps to resemble miniature lava streams. The straps also allow the spikes to be tied to the elbow, making them artistic and practical brawling weapons.
  • Some steel elbow spikes reads: "Slo ku pivo'hrr'shu. Ushnishs' s'zhaan."

  • a set of fitted black warrior's combat leathers with bloodstained patches
-The stained combat leathers are thickly padded in key points while room is left for a S'Kra Mur's tail and tiny platinum studs pierce the thick padding and seams. On the left breast is the DrikWalla crest while the right side bears the Warrior Mage crest, down the left arm in rainbow thread is "Slo ku pivo'hrr'shu" and down the right arm in platinum thread is "tei'oloh" surrounding a platinum cobra.

  • a deep amethyst samite shirt with carved adderstone buttons
-Golden hues run throughout the weave of this shirt, highlighting the adderstone buttons shaped like coiling vipers. The cuff blackwork shows various S'Kra Mur forms in multiple poses, while the blackwork on the collar has vipers, cobras and king snakes twining around to end at the figure of Ushnish on the back placket. The tail of the shirt is split to easily fit around a S'Kra Mur's tail without binding or bunching, and embroidered in gold inside one of the tail flaps is some Eth'ral'khh lettering.
  • An amethyst samite shirt reads: "Slo ku pivo'hrr'shu" "Ushnish's s'zhaan".

  • a pair of distressed rugged black leather pants edged with sterling silver studs
-The pants are worn slightly in the seat and cuffs, the cuffs still showing vague blood splatters while scars dot the leather. The silver studs pierce the seams yet leave room for a S'kra Mur's tail, while the fly is laced with multi-colored dyed leather strips that end at the waistband. The ends of the strips bear the seals of the Sraan's T'Lar and Rasha while symbols representing fire and electricity are branded into the back of the waistband.

  • some ebon-cuffed S'kra hunting boots tied with multi-colored ribbon leather strips
-Sigils for the Sraan's T'Lar and Rasha have been artistically embroidered on the well-worn leather, and the runes for fire and electricity are embroidered on the multi-colored tie strips.

  • a jungle shroud embroidered with a faded seal
-The outer layer of wool is mottled shades of light and dark greens while the inner is black to enhance concealment. The seal is weathered, frayed, and impossible to make out. Hidden within the seams, discreet slits make reaching for the inner pocket's contents easy.
  • A jungle shroud reads: "Slo ku pivo'hrr'shu -- Mivar Feas."

  • a black spidersilk pack clasped with an ancient silver buckle
-The thick silver buckle is edged with images depicting Sarkhhl and the Sraan Mehath clan deep in theurgical research. An antique silver lock lies concealed beneath one of the spidersilk folds of the pack, securely holding the inner flap closed.
  • A black spidersilk pack reads: Written on the back of the buckle in flowing characters are the words, "'Ware, S'Kra Mage, the Guardians lurk still!"

Was a part of the OWR when this was made & while the OWR is/was defunct I can not bring myself to feed this to the gelapod

  • a quartered black and silver shield with a snow white rose upon a centered seven pointed star
-Inlaid silver lettering around the edge of the shield draws the eyes to the words "Olkar haleen, blar fostra, mivar feas, alrar abues." along the top. Around the bottom the words, "Hold Respect, Guard Peace, Know Honor, Teach Love" are inlaid in polished copper. Branded in the leather arm strap is the DrikWalla family crest. Fine letters encircle the crest with the words "Elizzibiana DrikWalla, Member of the First Official Order."

Yes, I realize the wording on the wedding band is partly in Gamgweth, partly in Eth'ral'khh. The eth'ral'khh is not in the "official" S'kra lexicon as it was player generated and not Bartlebee generated. When it was done back around 2002, the GMs would make exceptions especially for the wedding packages.