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Elizzibiana DrikWalla Young Elizzibiana
Status Active
Race S'Kra'ur
Gender Female
Guild undisclosed
Instance Prime
Relatives Isaish (wife)

Pokeke Izzu'hhr Elizzibiana DrikWalla-Eshinar, Flame Spitter of Ushnish, a S'Kra Mur.


She has a sharp-featured face with a heavily scarred spiked crest with missing segments which follows the shape of her skull with a series of razor-thin scars along the jawline, some riveted steel sun goggles with darkly shaded lenses mostly obscuring her tormented slitted jade eyes and a darkly glinting vengeance ruby nose stud piercing a deeply scarred snout, abyssal black scales accented by some sharp rock-strewn shrapnel, a muracite tail guard with glistening plates encasing a long tail and a brawny figure. She is mountainous for a S'Kra Mur. She has an eerie illusion of a grinning S'Kra Mur skull painted on her face.
She is archaic.

She has a tattoo of a scene depicting a S'kra Kor clansman herding several Gor'Togs into a pen while several S'kra Mur look on. The Chieftain appears to be speaking to several Dhrakhhn S'kra traders while the clan shaman watches over all. The tail tip of a large night-black viper starts under the scene, its body rolling over the branded bicep. The words "Slo ku pivo'hrr'shu, Azhaquai Tel'rath'a Gavelg" follow the sinous curve of the viper ending with its head twisting around a dagger embedded in the flesh on her shoulder.

She is wearing a bunch of customized stuff, Ianhanse took lessons from her.



Birthdate: 13 Shorka 325 after Lanival
Birthplace: Someplace southwest of Shard, very far west of The Brine Mare to her knowledge
Marriage: Shorka 363 after Lanival, right respectable age of 38 years old.
Mate: Isaish DrikWalla-Eshinar
Sraan: Sraan T'Lar, Sraan Rasha (Adopted by Marriage)
Guild: Former Pickpocket
Diety: Ushnish


Arrival area: The old landing docks near the Seacaves of Peri'el, southeastish of the Crossing Bank.
Arrival year: Sometime in 341 after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.
Past/Current alliances: (Unofficial) Smolgan S'kra, Order of the Mercury Dragon, Iridescent Order (Alshabi), Saleng Treban (Rainbow Clan), Sraan Hhrki
(Official) Order of the White Rose, Apostles, Order of the Iron Circle
Alliance Positions held: Various in both Official & Unofficial groups, mainly tending towards Scribe & Portal (webmaster) maintainer. Co-Founder of Sraan Hhrki


Has been involved in the Gorbesh War, Sorrows/Suras War, the Red Sash Skirmishes, Outcast War, the beginning of the Lyras Undead War, the destruction of the Crossings Warrior Mage Tower and the following attacks upon the most foul Mibgluc, Battle of Basalt Isle aka "The assault on Basalt Isle".
I have witnessed the paths to RiverHaven and further northern points opened, Leth Deriel and points south rediscovered, the gondola to Shard and points south reopened. Ships to the islands sailed since I first arrived in Crossings upon one. Furred, moonlight affected, tall and shorter races arrival in the eastern lands (Prydean, Rakash, Kaldar and Gnomes). Magic drained, the Lavender Prank, folks walk the Starry Road, multiple assassinations, too many festivals and explorations to mention.


Special summoning of S'hhra Sinusmo (Swift Cat/Leopard) at Hallows Eve Fest 439 by Rellecke.


Granny Gladise sewed a beautiful collar for my A'asha'pi (Little Bear).
I was gifted my lovely Mus't'lazhkhh (Lazy Sun), her collar was also done by Granny Gladise


Caught and trained by Henil Ssrarrarsk, Dikka'staho Ashu of Ilithi.


Nipoh (Cloud)
Asharsh (Moon)


Lanahh'mus (Sunrise)


Pivo'hrr'shu'mus (Sunset)
Yrak Shar'nath (Dark Star)


(Some of her) Alterations:

Was a part of the OWR when this was made & while the OWR is/was defunct I can not bring myself to feed this to the gelapod

  • a quartered black and silver shield with a snow white rose upon a centered seven pointed star
-Inlaid silver lettering around the edge of the shield draws the eyes to the words "Olkar haleen, blar fostra, mivar feas, alrar abues." along the top. Around the bottom the words, "Hold Respect, Guard Peace, Know Honor, Teach Love" are inlaid in polished copper. Branded in the leather arm strap is the DrikWalla family crest. Fine letters encircle the crest with the words "Elizzibiana DrikWalla, Member of the First Official Order."