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Status Active
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Guild Trader
Instance Platinum
Relatives Rhas is a known business associate of Ryken.


You see Coin Slinger Rhas Prhaspector, Legendary Trader of Ilithi, a Dwarven Trader. Rhas have amber eyes. His dark brown hair is shoulder length and thick, and is worn tied back. He has weathered skin and a stout build. He are short for a Dwarf. A small alshabi stone shaped into a complex knot rests on his forehead, just above his eyes. He is an adult. He has a full mustache that droops heavily on his upper lip, hanging down on either side to bracket his mouth before joining together beneath the chin with four carved mikkhalbamar bands. He has a tattoo of a fat yellow canary wielding a tyrium pickaxe. The outlandishly plump bird, perched atop an oversized helmet crowning a vast pile of fragmented avian bones and golden nuggets, bravely guards the overgrown entrance to a secluded mine on his forearm.