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A challenger's beverage is a drink that can be used in a contest to determine who holds their alcohol better or other variant drinking games. Consuming too much of the beverage too quickly will result in the loss of consciousness for one minute.


  • STUDY: Glancing at <challenger's beverage>, you suddenly feel confident about challenging someone to a drinking contest and then DRINKing or GUZZLing the <challenger's beverage noun> down.
    [WARNING: Drinking large quantities of this could make you unconscious!]
  • DRINK: Grinning, you pull a large swig from <challenger's beverage>. The taste of <flavor> fills your mouth.
  • GUZZLE: Steeling yourself, you tilt <challenger's beverage> back and down the entire thing! Spluttering, the taste of <flavor> fills your mouth as some of the <challenger's beverage noun> spills out of your mouth.


While under the effects of a challenger's beverage, you may see some of the following messaging:


  • (while drunk) A sudden case of the spins sends the world turning about wildly and you lurch around drunkenly, but somehow, you manage to stay upright.
  • (sobering up) You shake your head, trying to clear it. Oddly enough, you don't feel quite so drunk any more.

When you've had too much

  • (while standing) You teeter dangerously, wobbling about on legs that feel like jello. Suddenly, you face plant into the floor. Maybe you've had too much to drink?
    [WARNING: You will be unconscious in about 15 seconds for one minute.]
  • (while sitting) You weave to and fro, your vision swimming and blurring dangerously. Maybe you've had too much to drink?
    [WARNING: You will be unconscious in about 15 seconds for one minute.]

Going unconscious

  • You feel one last spin of the room sweep across your vision before everything goes dark.
  • Lurching forward, you sprawl across the floor, completely unconscious.
  • The edges of your vision blur, going dark as the room spins around, lurching too and fro. Maybe you had too much?

Waking up

  • You stir into consciousness, groaning and mutter to yourself about drinking contests.

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