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THE FIRST LAND HERALD: A Brief Guide to Current Events in Zoluren · on 05/06/2015 07:01 PM CDT 2143
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416|2|32. The most populous of the Five Provinces, Zoluren, is the home to both The Crossing and a large number of Adventurers. Over the past several generations it has been beset by a series of armed conflicts which have sharpened the resolve of its citizens and shaped their lives.

This Special Edition of the Herald seeks to provide a starting point for understanding Who is Who and a brief overview of current events in Zoluren. If you examine the footnotes of this flyer you shall see references to other volumes where you may conduct further personal research.


359 AV – This year saw the start of The Sorrow War, in which Lord Sorrow waged war with his S'lai and Elpalzi warriors, while headquartered in a near-impregnable fortress on Sorrow's Reach, in the mountains near Kaerna. The war ended four years later, in 363 AV, when Sorrow was killed in a mad scheme to harness the power of the Zaulfung Standing Stones.

393 AV – In this year, the Dread Necromancer Lyras the Devourer crossed the Barrier between the West (the Prydaen and Rakash homeland) and East (our own continent, Kermoria). She began a devastating struggle which left great scars upon both the landscape and is people. She took the lives of roughly ONE THIRD of the population of Kermoria, including that of Prince Vorclaf of Zoluren in 394 AV, and raised most of the dead into a foul undead army. In 397 AV, she was finally defeated through massive effort and coordination by numerous Adventurers.


407 AV – More recently, the Legacy of the Sorrow War has returned to plague Zoluren anew, creating a conflict that continues to this day. A band of Elpalzi rebels, dissatisfied with the settlement their people reached with the Zoluren Crown after the war, have risen again to demand the rewards that Sorrow promised them. Led by Alret, who is thought to be a descendant of Sorrow's commander Shartug, they have engaged in a campaign of kidnapping, bombing, and assassination to achieve their ends. They stay ensconced in Sorrow's Keep, and thus far our mages and armies have determined no way of entering it.

410 AV – The Elpalzi set bombs that destroyed Ulf'Hara Keep, the home of the Zoluren royal family. The explosion took the lives of many in the Zoluren Court, but spared the royal family itself, who were on Andreshlew at the time.

416 AV – Today, Zoluren is rebuilding from this series of Tragedies through the efforts of the Crown and the resilience of its People, while seeking a way to end the rogue Elpalzi threat. There are plans to build a new Keep, as previously reported by The Herald, and a Coronation for Prince Belirendrick is expected eventually.


House Sorvendig

Princess Arilana – Wife of the late Prince Vorclaf Lasa'Sorvendig, youngest daughter of the Merelew King Galpelus, and mother of Belirendrick IV and Inavia. Currently ruling as Regent after Prince Vorclaf's death.
Prince Belirendrick IV – Son of Prince Vorclaf Lasa'Sorvendig and current Prince of Zoluren.
Princess Inavia – Princess of Zoluren, twin sister of Prince Belirendrick.

The Zoluren Court

Seneschal Maghana Gurvyre – Seneschal of Zoluren, Voice for House Sorvendig. She speaks for Zoluren and rules on those matters that do not require the Sovereign in person.
Lord Grigoire Denesal – Military Advisor of Zoluren and commander of its armies.
Chairman Myerin Chelochi – Chairman of the Zoluren High Council.
Lady Emmilyn Allvar – A royal cousin, owner of DiSilveron Manor, where the Court currently resides.
Court Scribe Iazen Siddu – Kidnapped by the Elpalzi and currently being held in Sorrow's Keep.
Lord Zukir Dyth – Former Provincial Guard, then General. Now retired. Famed for destroying the Crossing Thieves' Guild and capturing Kalag the Black in 388 AV.

Other Notables

Arandus Linlaig – Mayor of Leth Deriel.
Hunlynd Turmar – Mayor of Dirge.
Ulstaan Hamarhowr – Leader of Stone Clan.
Lord Wooly Tanglefoot – Head of House Tanglefoot and former Chairman of the Zoluren High Council. His whereabouts are currently unknown and his seat at the Council remains empty.
Darkali Swiftclaws – Also known as Rabbit. Leader of Sunfall Hub. Daughter of Darkensi, one of Sorrow's lieutenants.
Lord Liev Denesal
Lady Sini Magen
Rayureko Sablefang – Claw of Eu. Responsible for convincing Sunfall Hub to allow outsiders in.
Of the Clans, Wolfjaw Ironbeard leads Wolf Clan, Ortug Borthgar leads Tiger Clan, and Trog Donrag leads Knife Clan, though none have taken a visible role in events outside of their domains for a while.

The Elpalzi

Alret – Leader of a rogue faction of the Elpalzi. Thought to be descended from Shartug, one of Sorrow's lieutenants.
Geva – Alret's lieutenant. Thought to be granddaughter of Parnore, one of Sorrow's lieutenants, who helped to negotiate peace in the aftermath of the war.
Garhal – A chieftain among the rogue Elpalzi.
Elpalzi Assassins – Tengh, Zayerg, Zhnai (deceased).

Notable Houses and Groups of Zoluren

House Sorvendig, The Merelew, House Denesal, House Chelochi, House Turmar, House Tanglefoot, House Linlaig, House Magen, House Gurvye, Allvar family, House Alshaerd, House Tirof, House Verille, Si'drow family.

Other Legends and Threats

The Xala'Shar, Oshu'Erhhsk, Sithsia.

Arm yourself with knowledge, Zoluren, and go make a difference.

Saragos Daerthon
Warrior Mage and Reporter, First Land Herald

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