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Ortug Borthgar
Status: Alive
Guild: Unknown
Race: Gor'Tog
Gender: Male
Location: Tiger Clan
Relatives: Trog, Resomba, Grob

Ortug Borthgar is the founder and the current leader of Tiger Clan, a small community of Gor'Togs located on the Segoltha River in farmlands out The Crossing west gate. Ortug's brother is Trog, leader of Knife Clan.

Ortug is frequently found in his manor house along with wife Resomba and son Grob. Ortug spends much of his time in the guardroom training Gor'Togs to be guards for caravans, adventurers, or others. His favorite lesson is, "Some person mess with caravan, you bash them! Some critter mess with caravan, you bash it!"


You see Boss Ortug Borthgar, a Gor'Tog.
Ortug has dark eyes. He has dark green skin.
He is elderly for a Gor'Tog.

He is wearing a black egg-casing pouch stamped with the image of an orlog, a purple silk waistcoat, some fine green trousers, a pair of dark sable boots fastened with wide gold buckles, a gold ring set with a prominent diamond, a gold wedding ring, a black top hat and a black cravat with orange tigers.