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Status: Unknown
Race: Elpalzi
Gender: Male
Associates: Parnore, Sorrow

The Elpalzi commander of Lord Sorrow's forces in and around Sorrow's Reach. He led Sorrow's combined Elpalzi and S'lai armies during the Sorrow War, capturing significant portions of Zoluren (twice overrunning River Crossing) before Lord Sorrow and the Magus Prayk were destroyed attempting a ritual at the Zaulfung Stones. Shartug was not present at the ritual, and his whereabouts since then are unknown. Parnore was one of his lieutenants.


You see Commander Shartug Fengral, An Elpalzi.
He has crystal blue eyes and short thick black hair that is pulled back away from his face.
Short thick dark grey hair covers his body in a camouflage pattern.

His hands are empty.
He is wearing a jadeite gwethdesuan, a small red pouch, a thigh quiver, a carved onyx amulet, a platinum ring inset with a brilliant red ruby, a dark grey canvas sack, some black ankle-length leather boots embroidered with crimson thread, a soft blue cape with the crest of the Warrior Mage Guild embroidered in onyx thread, a black leather belt, a black leather sheath with red and gold embroidery, some double chain mail, a pair of silken blue trousers, a kyanite gwethdesuan, some mail gauntlets, a chain balaclava, an intricately carved shortbow and a black shield emblazoned in silver with a rearing dragon.