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Family of elves with a number of prominent members in recent times.

Family Members

Sons of Lord Amirel and Serel'a:

The Ties of Family - GM Vaschon, 25 July 2004

The journal entry below has been provided by Serel'a Si'drow to the council of Leth Deriel. Her husband, Lord Amirel Si'drow, had fallen under a mysterious illness and she hopes that all citizens of Leth Deriel will keep him in their prayers. This was the last journal before he was stricken.


It has been fifty years to the day since I penned a journal. I remember this day in history as if it were yesterday. The day I lost my children to the Shadebringer. I write to remind myself that it was two hundred years ago when he came to my house and prophesized that my children were destined for some greatness. That was our family's day of ruin. We had always been a proud and honorable house of Leth Deriel. Now the Si'drow name is all but stricken from history. I give my thanks daily to Phelim that our eldest, Zoranyl, did not follow the path of his younger brothers. He had the strength of will to reject this so called 'fate'.

While grateful, I still fear for Zoranyl. I worried when he was chosen for the Opreina, but he had made a name for himself, despite this family's dishonor. It was good to see him again on his recent visit to us, but he seems somewhat changed. Perhaps it was the war. War changes you, forever. He does not talk about his time in captivity and all Serel'a and I can do is watch in silence as this experience haunts our son. Some of the Opreina have mentioned seeing Zoranyl in Leth Deriel but I know he remains in Crossing Proper.

Serel'a is a strong woman. Perhaps stronger than I. She often talks of the twins with great fondness, as I believe all mothers do of their children. She does not think I see her weep still, and I do not let her believe I know. Arteron and T'mi were the youngest of our children but also the most gifted. I still see the day Arteron and T'mi chose their guilding as clearly as I see their portraits by my bedside. It was not long after the Shadebringer arrived to take them from us. It was a day we feared but there was nothing we could do to prevent it. Wyren was so excited to be part of this cause. I explained to him that this was not the right way but he shrugged his father's advice off to being nothing more than my will upon him. Afterall, what would Lord Amirel Si'drow know of such matters concerning magic. I fought as warrior in Elven - human wars, not as a mage. Perhaps that is my legacy to my children, especially Zoranyl. I had always mistrusted the humans and believed our race was the superior. Seeing him serve this human Prince with such loyalty and conviction would have caused me to kill my son in ages past. Now, it just gives me great pride to see such devotion to his duty.

Time to time, I will wear my gwethdesuan and listen to the thoughts of the warriors and mages of this age. I hear my son Wyren and I want so desperately to call out to him. I want to shake sense into that mind of his but he has to come to his enlightenment on his own. Wyren refuses to see us still. I know that Serel'a and I would welcome him back into our arms. I only pray he realizes his choices before he meets the same fate as the twins.

I can smell the meal Serel'a is preparing. She is a good woman and loyal wife. My life would not be complete without her. I pray that I live to see the return of both sons to the Si'drow house...