Warrior Mage Guildhall (Mer'Kresh)

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Warrior Mage Guildhall (Mer'Kresh)
Province Qi'Reshalia
Justice Unknown
Town Mer'Kresh
Map Ranik's Map 107
Owner Margathe
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Warrior Mage shops
This store only accepts Lirums

Under the Aether Dome (Entry)

[Warrior Mage Guild, Under the Aether Dome]
Thick cut-looped carpets cover the floor and a circle of cushions scattered around the water pipe provide a place to talk and watch the aquarium fish. A tile walkway edges the walls, allowing passage through the area without leaving boot-dirt on the rugs. One corner holds the guild leader's desk and a set of bookshelves. The great dome of the guild looms overhead, its interior decorated with a flowery lattice-work in gold leaf and azure.
You also see a patchwork pillow, a black leatherbound grimoire, some heavy oak doors, a paisley silk pillow, a celpeze hatchling, and Guildmistress Margathe.
Obvious exits: northeast, southeast, southwest, northwest.

In the treat bowl (which is on a wooden desk)
Item Price Done
orange familiar biscuit 15   !!
cat-shaped familiar treat 15   No
blue familiar biscuit 15   No
rice-flavored familiar treat 15   No
familiar biscuit 15   No
lamb-flavored familiar treat 15   No
bone-shaped familiar treat 15   
familiar treat 15   No
brown familiar biscuit 15   No
yellow familiar biscuit 15   No
green familiar biscuit 15   No
beef-flavored familiar treat 15   No

Hall of Fire

[Warrior Mage Guild, Hall of Fire]
Tattered bits of burned carpet have been pulled together to cover the floor at one end of the hall. Scorched chairs and singed tables are clustered near the carpet. The other end of the hall is starkly empty, the walls burned and gouged and the floor coated with ash.
You also see a spiral stair, a water bucket, an elderly attendant and an ebonwood weapons rack with several things on it.
Obvious exits: northeast.

  • The rack in this room is a donation rack, and the bucket contains water water for alchemy.
The attendant glances at you and says, "Constructs are targets made out of elemental magic, their sole purpose being to provide you with something to shoot at.  There are six levels of constructs, each with their own skills.  Where one mage may find an intermediate construct easy to hit, another would be unable to come near it with her spells.  The costs for the constructs vary.  They are:

    Easy - 20 lirums
    Moderate - 50 lirums
    Intermediate - 100 lirums
    Hard - 600 lirums
    Advanced - 1000 lirums
    Impossible - 1500 lirums

If you want a construct, you will need to ORDER one.  If you don't have the coin with you, the amount will be added to your debt.  Unless you already owe too much already, in which case you'll need to pay that off first."

Tower of Fire

[Warrior Mage Guild, Tower of Fire]
Airy and open, the landing's archways give a clear view over the city toward the carillon, and of the northern end of the Dajere Bridge. Smoke and noise drift up from below, accompanied by the smell of naptha, brimstone, and incense. Every so often, the conversations of people below can be heard over the racket and rumpus downstairs. Despite regular cleanings, the dome overhead is covered with a sooty film that obscures the decoration.
You also see a spiral stair.
Obvious exits: none.

Hall of Earth

[Warrior Mage Guild, Hall of Earth]
Triangular raised planting beds are set in a rough triskele with smooth ocean pebbles and crushed shell providing a walkway through the garden. A potting table rests against one wall, with a large wheelbarrow of loam parked next to it. Skylights in the dome above ensure enough light for healthy plants. The aroma of floral and herbal fragrances has banished the scent of brimstone and naphtha, leaving this as the only room in the guild that doesn't smell of something burning.
You also see a raised herb garden, a raised flower bed, a hole-filled raised bed of earth and a narrow spiral stair.
Obvious exits: southeast.

  • The hole-filled raised bed of earth is accessible only by Familiars.
  • This area can be foraged, in contrast to much of Mer'Kresh.
  • The following flowers can be picked in this room:

Tower of Earth

[Warrior Mage Guild, Tower of Earth]
Airy and open, the landing's archways give a clear northwesterly view over the city and toward the carillon. The smell of cultivated earth and growing plants wafts up from below, and partially obscures the ever-present scent of something burning. The dome was designed with skylights to provide plenty of sun for the plants.
You also see a spiral stair.
Obvious exits: none.

Hall of Water

[Warrior Mage Guild, Hall of Water]
Dark tiled walkways surround a shallow octagonal pool with a fountain set in its center. The pool's blue and green tiles create an intricate, repetitive geometric mosaic that gives the impression of looking through a kaleidoscope. The fountain's water trickles into the pool with a lulling patter. A cypress bench rests against one wall, with a cluster of potted palms on either side.
You also see a narrow spiral stair.
Obvious exits: southwest.

Tower of Water

[Warrior Mage Guild, Tower of Water]
Airy and open, the landing's archways give a clear northeasterly view beyond the inner canal to the colorful homes and businesses nestled on the middle ring. The sound of splashing water rising from the fountain mingles with the slosh of the canal to drown out any conversation from the lower room. The dome is painted in blues and greens, its geometric motif a mirror of the pattern in the pool below.
You also see a spiral stair.
Obvious exits: none.

Hall of Air (library)

[Warrior Mage Guild, Hall of Air]
Several knotted hangings, each worked in the shape of an animal, are tacked to the walls. Cushions and crumbs surround a low rosewood table that matches the corner bookshelf. The hardwood floor is uncarpeted and unremarkable, except for a splattering of green paint near the stair.
Obvious exits: northwest.

On the low table
Item Price Done
kettle of honey-lemon tea 0   
heaping stack of deep fried spiny sea-urchins dusted with powdered sugar 0   !!
snifter of tawny-amber Rissan brandy 0   
bowl of fizzing fruit punch 0   !!
steamed seaweed-wrapped salmon 0   

Tower of Air

[Warrior Mage Guild, Tower of Air]
Airy and open, the landing's archways give a clear southeasterly view beyond the inner canal to the break in the middle ring and the Dajere Bridge. An occasional murmur from people passing below rises up the stairwell to mix with the sounds of the canal and "Screeee!" of the gulls. Each quadrant of the dome's ceiling is painted with a view of the sky.
You also see an open archway and a spiral stair.
Obvious exits: none.