Pet Shop (Mer'Kresh)

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Pearl Circle, Pet Shop
Province Qi'Reshalia
Justice Unknown
Town Mer'Kresh
Map Ranik's Map 107
Owner Woodhut
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Pet shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Pearl Circle, Pet Shop]
Cracked seed husks are splayed across the floor, and the scent of birdcages and dogs permeates the air. The shop display windows are smudged from wet noses pressing against them from within, while small handprints from without further cloud the panes. A scrappy-looking parrot stares balefully from his perch. Stains on the walls and counters mark the bird's favorite flightpaths. An elderly lady with orange-tinted hair scurries about the shop, while her assistant tends to the counter. You also see a scrappy-looking parrot, a pet assistant and Madame Woodhut.

Item Price Done
red brindle Skadfar dog 160,000   
rose-beige Rissan cat 135,000   
skinny Nehpel dog 153,000   
yellow canal dog 130,000   
spotted cat 125,000   
rusty-marked Dako'gi dog 160,000   
ruddy Rissan cat 135,000   
glacial white Ilithic cat 155,000   
stub-tailed swamp cat 155,000   
black canal dog 130,000