Saja's Boarding House

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Common Room

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Saja's Boarding House
Province Qi'Reshalia
Justice Unknown
Town Mer'Kresh
Map Ranik's Map 107
Owner Saja
# of Rooms 8
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Saja's Boarding House, Common Room]
Saja's Common Room is near-continual chaos. A harried clerk at the back checks travelers in and out while throwing drinks across the counter that serves as both bar and desk. A harried waitress rushes in and out of the kitchen, delivering food to patrons at trestle tables in the main room. A second waitress delivers food through an arch, then delivers drinks to a battered oak booth. Steep twisting stairs at the back lead to the balcony above. You also see a rough oak arch leading to a private dining room.

The Menu
Item Price Done
1 - Flapjacks 15   
2 - Waffles 15   
3 - Eggs 15   
4 - Sausage 5   
5 - Bacon 5   
6 - Saja's Sandwich (spicy mutton & cheese) 25   
7 - Rissan Sandwich (spicy beef & cheese) 40   
8 - Student Loaf 20   
9 - Half Student Loaf 12   
10 - Pickle 3   
11 - Steak Dinner 80   
12 - Roast Beef 70   
13 - Dinner Salad 55   
14 - Student Stew 22   
15 - Saja's Dark Ale 20   
16 - Saja's Student Ale 10   
17 - Saja's House Wine (glass) 20   
18 - Saja's House Wine (bottle) 100   
19 - Saja's Coffee 5   

Battered Booth

[Saja's Boarding House, Battered Booth]
This battered oak booth is a favorite haunt of bards and students and home to near continuous discussion. The topics tend toward wine, women and song, but even when they're intellectual, they're never less than heated. Be it coffee by day or ale by night, the semi-permanent residents of this booth drink too much. The trestle tables and oaken benches are battered beyond belief, but the history is such Saja would never dare replace them.
Obvious exits: out.

Dining Room

[Saja's Boarding House, Dining Room]
The stone wall separating this room from the common room keeps the noise down to a dull roar, making it a preferred location for intimate or discrete conversation over dinner. The oak benches here are smoother than their counterparts in the common room, and the trestle table has a tablecloth. Even so, the real attraction is being at Saja's but out of the common room.
You also see a rough oak arch.
Obvious exits: none.

Common Room Balcony

[Saja's Boarding House, Common Room Balcony]
Steep, narrow stairs connect the common room to this open landing. Doors to the various rooms in the inn open off the balcony while a sturdy railing prevents inebriated patrons from falling to the common room below.
You also see a knotty pine door, a rough deobar door and a warped oak door.
Obvious exits: east.

Pine Room

[Saja's Boarding House, Pine Room]
A heavy oak-framed bed takes up most of this tiny room. A nightstand is the remaining decor of significance. The door latches, though, and the room is dry. The walls are solid and the sheets are clean.
You also see a knotty pine door.
Obvious exits: none.

Oak Room

[Saja's Boarding House, Oak Room]
A large feather bed in a battered oak frame dominates a room so small one must almost sit on the bed to close the door.
You also see a warped oak door.
Obvious exits: none.

Deobar Room

[Saja's Boarding House, Deobar Room]
Two bunk beds are squeezed into this tiny room, creating space for four students to sleep. A rough chest provides the only storage for clothing. The lack of space compels the residents to spend most of their waking hours in the booth downstairs and only use this room for sleeping.
You also see a rough deobar door.
Obvious exits: none.


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Saja's Boarding House
Location: Mer'Kresh, Qi'Reshalia (RanikMap107)
Class / Type: Lower / Urban
Restrictions: None
Justice: none
Form: Door
Homes (Free): 1 (1)
Last Checked: 30 December 2019

Location Category Restrictions Owner Appearance
East Hall Lower Class, Urban Unclaimed blue birch door