Ristmuir's Armory

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Ristmuir's Armory
Province Qi'Reshalia
Town Mer'Kresh
Map Ranik's Map 107
Owner Ristmuir
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Weapon shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Ristmuir's Armory, Showroom]
Ristmuir's tidy establishment is a study of craftsmanship, from the riste racks cleverly built into the window casement to the fine detailing of the showroom's wide-planked floor. Lanterns illuminate the array of weapons covering the back wall to draw the attention of evening shoppers. In the corner, a tall bin holds a selection of ammunition for sale.

Obvious exits: out.

In the tall bin
Item Price Done
crossbow bolts - crossbow ammo (x15) 100   DG
broad-barbed arrows - bow ammo (x10) 1,200   !!
blunt-tip oak bolts - crossbow ammo (x15) 300   !!
thin steel-tip bolts - crossbow ammo (x15) 300   !!
On the riste rack
Item Price Done
metal half-handled riste - medium blunt/medium edged/two-handed blunt: 35 stones 275   
weighted steel riste with a black coral hilt - heavy blunt/heavy edged/two-handed blunt: 45 stones 275   
swappable weapons
On the wall
Item Price Done
flame-tempered broadsword with a black jade hilt - heavy edged: 35 stones 5,000   
ash-rubbed scimitar with a silver hilt - medium edged: 31 stones 4,000   
sand-scarred jambaya with a curved hilt - light edged: 18 stones 6,500   
cypress short bow with peccary fang tips - short bow 1,500   
mariner's crossbow carved with the image of a cresting wave - light crossbow 7,000   
barbed throwing blades - light thrown/light edged: 5 stones (x5) 1,100   
heavy deobar crossbow scarred from battle - heavy crossbow 5,800   
fang-tipped spear with a sailcloth wrapped grip - heavy thrown/pike: 40 stones 1,500   
salt-stained halberd inlaid with a pattern of tiny cowrie shells - halberd: 40 stones 4,000   
blackened bastard sword with a silver seahorse hilt - heavy edged/two-handed edged: 47 stones 5,500   
silvery bola linked by an anchor-style chain - light thrown/light blunt: 30 stones 1,500   
polished throwing hammer with a conch-shaped head - heavy thrown/heavy blunt: 60 stones 5,000