Perpetual Blossoms of Mer'Kresh (1)

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Perpetual Blossoms of Mer'Kresh
Province Qi'Reshalia
Justice Unknown
Town Mer'Kresh
Map Ranik's Map 107
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Florist shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Perpetual Blossoms of Mer'Kresh, Salesroom]
Perpetual Blossoms is like an endless spring in Mer'Kresh. Flowers bloom all about the room, and a gablefruit vine climbs across the walls, flourishing in the illumination of a skylight set in the ceiling above. Large displays, including those in the front window, hold freshly cut blossoms and bouquets that fill the air with intoxicating scents. Floral clerks discretely watch over the domain, gently tending flowers and customers alike with gracious smiles. You also see a cypress stand with several things on it, a driftwood rack with several things on it, a metal bucket filled with single flowers and a wooden folding table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: out.

On the gablefruit vine
Item Price Done
heavy cluster of plump purple gablefruits 0   
tight cluster of sleek green gablefruits 0   
On the cypress stand
Item Price Done
corsage of Death's Shadow lilies 4,000   No
corsage of Moonlight gardenias 5,000   No
corsage of Lions' Mane irises 4,000   No
corsage of Desert Scorpion blossoms 3,000   No
corsage of Flaming Arrow wolfsbane sprigs 3,000   No
corsage of Healing Heart orchids 6,000   No
corsage of Tamsine's Blessing tuberoses 3,000   No
corsage of Romantic Ballad peonies 4,000   No
corsage of Scarlet Panther lilies 3,000   No
corsage of Golden Treasure roses 5,000   No
corsage of Crimson Massacre carnations 3,000   No
On the driftwood rack
Item Price Done
woven circlet of Crimson Massacre carnations 3,000   No
woven circlet of Golden Treasure roses 5,500   No
woven circlet of Scarlet Panther lilies 4,000   No
woven circlet of Romantic Ballad peonies 5,000   No
woven circlet of Tamsine's Blessing tuberoses 3,000   No
woven circlet of Healing Heart orchids 5,500   No
woven circlet of Flaming Arrow wolfsbane sprigs 3,000   No
woven circlet of Desert Scorpion blossoms 4,000   No
woven circlet of Lion's Mane irises 5,000   No
woven circlet of Moonlight gardenias 5,500   No
woven circlet of Death's Shadow lilies 4,000   No
In the metal bucket filled with single flowers
Item Price Done
Death's Shadow lily - missing in 2020 4,500   No
Moonlight gardenia 5,000   
Lion's Mane iris - missing in 2020 4,000   No
Desert Scorpion blossom 4,000   
sprig of Flaming Arrow wolfsbane 3,000   
Healing Heart orchid 5,000   
Tamsine's Blessing tuberose 3,000   
Romantic Ballad peony 4,000   
Scarlet Panther lily 3,000   
Golden Treasure rose 5,000   
Crimson Massacre carnation 3,000   
On the wooden folding table
Item Price Done
bouquet of Death's Shadow lilies arranged in a raffia covered wine bottle 6,500   No
bouquet of Moonlight gardenias arranged in a cranberry glass pitcher 7,500   No
bouquet of Lion's Mane irises arranged in a tin watering can 6,500   No
bouquet of Desert Scorpion blossoms arranged in a painted ale stein 5,500   No
bouquet of Flaming Arrow wolfsbane arranged in a small copper bucket 4,500   No
bouquet of Healing Heart orchids arranged in a glazed pottery crock 7,500   No
bouquet of Tamsine's Blessing tuberoses arranged in a glass milk bottle 4,500   No
bouquet of Romantic Ballad peonies arranged in a shapely brandy carafe 6,500   No
bouquet of Scarlet Panther lilies arranged in an earthenware moonshine jug 5,500   No
bouquet of Golden Treasure roses arranged in a large champagne bottle 7,500   No
bouquet of Crimson Massacre carnations arranged in a tall beer mug 4,500   No