Perobler's Orlogs

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Perobler's Orlogs
Province Qi'Reshalia
Justice Unknown
Town Mer'Kresh
Map Ranik's Map 107
Owner Bergen PeroblerBergen Perobler
# of Rooms 5
Store Type Miscellaneous shops, Jewelry shops, Housing shops
This store only accepts Lirums

The Vestibule

[Perobler's Orlogs, The Vestibule]
A small vestibule lit by ornate bronze lamps occupies the space between an ascending flight of stairs and the street door. All the furnishings, from the polished lamps to the soft carpet underfoot, set a tone of quiet (and expensive) good taste.
Obvious exits: none.

The Lobby

[Perobler's Orlogs, The Lobby]
At a large landing at the top of the stairs, several gleaming oak chairs face each other across a dark blue carpet with deep pile. In the far wall, paneled double doors stand open, in limed oak matching the chairs. To the right of the doors is a window with a dark blue drape, and to the left is a smaller door that says "Repairs."
Obvious exits: none.

The Showroom (Daytime-only)

[Perobler's Orlogs, The Showroom]
The light gleams off polished glass in the showroom of Bergen Perobler, Elanthia's foremost chronometrician, where the wares of this inventive and artistic genius are displayed. The buzzes, hums, chirps, cuckoos, chimes, and ticks of his astonishing creations are a background to every conversation. A competent-looking guard by the exit doors keeps a wary eye on the customers and merchandise alike.
You also see a velvet-lined case, an archway under the words "Perobler's Orlogs for the Home" and a velvet-draped table with a few things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the velvet-draped table
Item Price Done
silver key 1,280   
brass key 128   
gold key 12,800   
In the velvet-lined case
Item Price Done
gold pendant-orlog on a matching chain 120,000   
silver pendant-orlog on a matching chain 57,000   
brass pendant-orlog on a matching chain 25,500   
gold orlog 114,000   
brass orlog 25,320   
silver orlog 56,400   

For the Home (Daytime-only)

[Perobler's Orlogs, For the Home]
Deeply piled maroon carpets muffle each footfall in a room lit with candles in cut glass globes. A few carved and polished timepieces are placed artistically about the room, and a liveried clerk stands ready to answer questions about the furniture.
You also see a handsome sign and an archway.
Obvious exits: none.

A handsome sign reads:

Now you can own Perobler's Grandfather Orlog, a free-standing
orlog for the most gracious home.  Made from choicest wood by
master craftsmen, it not only tells the hour with all the ac-
curacy the orlog is famed for, it also precisely displays the
progress of Elanthia's moons through the heavens.  The unit's
mechanism is powered by weights so you need no key to keep it
running. And with the room inside its cabinet, you won't need
that old closet or trunk in your home!
Item Price Done
honey oak grandfather orlog - general storage 100,000   
dark walnut grandfather orlog - general storage 100,000   
bleached oak grandfather orlog - general storage 100,000   

The Repair Closet (Daytime-only)

[Perobler's Orlogs, The Repair Closet]
This tiny, almost bare room -- the workroom of Knobby Snaggle, Perobler's repairdwarf -- has only a small counter with a high stool behind it. What light there is comes from a small window in the rear wall, on which hang a handsome sign and a framed certificate.
You also see Knobby and a small door.
Obvious exits: none.

The sign reads:

               PEROBLER'S OF MER'KRESH

  At Perobler's we pride ourselves on the quality of
  our service, including fast, efficient and depend-
  able repairs for your fine timepieces.  To help us
    to continue our tradition, please take note:

  We service only our own Orlogs and Pendant-Orlogs.
  All quotes for work are final and must be paid for
                     in advance.
  Since the supply of parts and materials will vary,
    all times quoted are approximate (real) times.
  You must have the repair slip to claim your items.
       We regret that no exception can be made.

  For a quote, hold the item in your right hand, and
                   APPRAISE <item>.
  For repairs, hold the item in your right hand, and
                  GIVE KNOBBY <item>.
  To retrieve a repaired item, hold the slip in your
         right hand and GIVE KNOBBY the SLIP.