Undogoz Forge

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Undogoz Forge
Province Qi'Reshalia
Town Mer'Kresh
Map Ranik's Map 107
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Forging shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Undogoz Forge, Alley]
Precious few alleys trail between the buildings of Mer'Kresh, and those that do manage to squeeze an existence are often filled to capacity with all manner of odds and ends, crates and shipping goods, or simple refuse. This alley, however, proves the exception, as its owners have kept the cramped area free of obstruction, and a clear path runs directly back towards the entrance to the forge proper. You also see a tattered sign, a small rack with an Undogoz Forge ticket on it and a leather curtain.

On the small rack
Item Price Done
Undogoz Forge ticket 500   No

[The Moored Galley "Heat of the Mountain," Forge Shop]
Tight coils of stiff rope bind a galley to the end of the alley, adding a considerable amount of valued space to the forge's resources. Clearly, a wooden ship would serve poorly as a place for the heated steel of the molds or the massively heavy stone of the forge itself, but as a shop, the vessel performs admirably. Despite the excessive lengths employed to keep the ship steady, it still bobs gently in the canal's currents, keeping the sales clerks busy tidying up the shifting merchandise. You also see an ingot table with some stuff on it, a battered rack with some stuff on it and a weathered gangplank.

On the ingot table
Item Price Done
coal dust 6   
copper bar 620   No
copper slug 60   No
iron bar 410   No
iron slug 30   No
lead bar 340   No
lead slug 40   No
nickel bar 390   
nickel slug 48   
tin bar 370   
tin slug 37   
zinc bar 480   
zinc slug 42   
On the battered rack
Item Price Done
hilt 500   No
shaft 500   !!