Deeper's Tavern

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Deeper's Tavern
Province Qi'Reshalia
Justice Unknown
Town Mer'Kresh
Map Ranik's Map 107
Owner Deeper
# of Rooms 5
Store Type Drink shops, Music shops, Bard shops
This store only accepts Lirums

The Common Room

[Deeper's Tavern, The Common Room]
A few steps lead down to a hot, brightly lit room packed with sailors in every state of consciousness from keen-eyed alertness to drunken collapse. Somewhere in the crowd, a reedy concertina accompanies one or another of several songs being sung in cheery disregard for each other. Behind the mahogany bar, the owner Deeper presides over the tumult, disappearing into the throng from time to time with an armload of mugs. Above the bar hangs a hand-written menu.
Obvious exits: north, east, west, out.

Item Price Done
1 - Wavefoam Rum Punch 10   
2 - Binnacle Blast o' Rum 25   
3 - Monsoon Magic Rum 35   
4 - Tropical Rum Surprise 40   

Rancois' Table

[Deeper's Tavern, Rancois' Table]
This secluded corner of the tavern contains the favorite table of Rancois Sendaque, the most famous part-time poet in Mer'Kresh. Many of the song scrolls he sells are his original work, and well known among the discriminating (and the stingy).
You also see Rancois.
Obvious exits: west.

Song Scrolls
Item Price Done
Hodierna's Call - By Vogelin Wittelsbach 2,211   !!
The Ravin' - By Rancois Sendaque 350   !!
The Dark Champion - By Vogelin Wittelsbach 350   !!
A Wedding Wish - By Vogelin Wittelsbach 350   !!
The Riddle Song - By Vogelin Wittelsbach 350   !!

The Mainmast

[Deeper's Tavern, The Mainmast]
A yard-thick, floor-to-ceiling wooden pillar dominates this corner of the tavern. The mast, as the regular patrons call it, rises like a tree trunk through the center of a circular table. Here the boastful and the optimistic gather to test their strength of arm. You also see a prominent sign.
Obvious exits: east.

A prominent sign reads:
"Just GRAB the table and we'll issue the challenge for you.
 Give it a PUSH when ye'r ready to start the match.
 LOOK at the table during the match to see who's winning."

Behind the Bar

[Deeper's Tavern, Behind the Bar]
Kegs empty and full, mugs for the filling, and the tools of the trade (including a solid-looking bungstarter) line this long, narrow space between the bar and a rear wall hung with trophies of the sea. At the end farthest from the entrance is an open trapdoor.
Obvious exits: south.

The Cellar

[Deeper's Tavern, The Cellar]
The dim lantern-light reveals a room filled from the floor to the low ceiling with the supplies and furnishings of the tavern. Here stand broken tables and benches awaiting repair, boxes of crockery mugs, framed paintings that appear to have been used as weapons, and even a stuffed marlin that has seen better days. Stacked kegs of rum hide one wall completely, and a large wine rack filled with bottles stands a little ways out from another wall. Stairs lead up to the tavern's main room.
Obvious exits: none.