Lanternside Inn

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Lanternside Inn
Province Qi'Reshalia
Town Mer'Kresh
Map Ranik's Map 107
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Lanternside Inn, Front Desk]
A long desk enhanced with pieces of shell and driftwood rests in front of a series of shelves lined along the back wall. Timidly, envelopes and scrolls poke out from their current homes upon the shelves, awaiting delivery to some employee or resting traveler. A small bell dangles above the desk, patient for a tap from the next person to check into the inn, while a hutch fastened with a bronze padlock waits calmly to dole

All three booths have the same menu. To get into the dining room, ask the host about a booth. The host will not seat S'Kra Mur, but non-S'Kra can lead S'Kra into the dining area.

[The Actor's Booth, Herb Play Restaurant]
Several miniature portraits line the walls and screens around the booth. Representing theater performers of some by-gone era, it's likely that most of the faces portrayed have found a stage on the Starry Path by now. In contrast to the faded color of the portraits, bright purples and yellows streak the walls, and even the seat of the booth itself has been dyed in vivid shades. You also see a purple menu.

Item Price Done
(1) The Herb Play's renowned vegetable medley - A delicate blend of herbs, carrots, snow peas and tomato -- A long time favorite! 65   !!
(2) Salted Crab Legs - Caught off the southern coast of M'Riss and served in our own seasoned butter sauce. 80   !!
(3) Seaweed-Wrapped Riceballs - Lightly salted and wrapped in the freshest greenery found in Eluned's realm! 40   !!
(4) Mushroom-Stuffed Bellpeppers - We stuff them so fat, we almost put the listing in our entree section! 80   !!
Item Price Done
(5) Seasoned Sea Bass - No less than twelve herbs! Exquisite! 110   !!
(6) Lemon-Pepper Pheasant - Fresh bounty from the low hills of the Undogoz Mountain chain! 200   !!
(7) Fresh Veal - From the Herb Play's private farm on M'Riss and the thickest slices in town! 300   !!
Item Price Done
(8) Undogoz Brandy 80   !!
(9) Deep Sweet Burgundy Wine 80   !!
(10) Fresh Spring Water 30   
Item Price Done
(11) Kelp Cream Delight 50   
(12) Sugared Fudge Ice 40   !!

[The Singer's Booth, Herb Play Restaurant]
A horseshoe shaped seat curves around the dining table, obviously packed full of fluffy down given the odd feather that pokes out. Along the sides of the seat, musical instruments of all types have been carved into the wood and rubbed with oil to a high sheen. Someone has painted a cryptic signature with gold-colored paint on a small black shield etched with concentric circles that hangs overlooking the tabletop. You also see a golden menu and a rosewood violin mounted on a plaque.

[The Dreamer's Booth, Herb Play Restaurant]
A bold deobar carving of Hodierna perches over the booth, arms outstretched and a sly smile spread across her face. White alfar statuettes descend from her embrace, pierced by metal rods that hold them in place in the vignette. To enhance the drama, the depiction of a clear night sky slowly dissolving into a sunrise has been painted in grand colors. A few wavy letters mark the signature of the artist right near the side of the table. You also see a white menu.