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The Crossing

[Empaths' Guild, Main Room]
This is the headquarters of the Empaths' Guild. Here healers both novice and experienced gather to share techniques, methods, the latest information on healing, transferring and application of herbs. There is a small but modern library to the east.
You also see an Empath renown scroll, an Empath donation shelf with several things on it, a bucket of viscous gloop and some smoothly worked stairs of golden oak.
Obvious exits: northeast, east, west, down, out.

Last updated: 10/04/2019

Let it be known, the following have displayed excellence in empathic acumen.

Rank Name Race
1 Sophrona Elf
2 Nausikaa Elf
3 Remedi Elf
4 Cayra Human
5 Marmic Elothean
6 Quazzarz Dwarf
7 Ledia Dwarf
8 Hanafae Elf
9 Kaelie Elf
10 Kalyndara Prydaen
11 Truix Prydaen
12 Fernwren Dwarf
13 Sonjaa Human
14 Jadyce Human
15 Karthor Dwarf
16 Katjia Elothean
17 Ssarek S'Kra Mur
18 Kalinandra Kaldar
19 Sarkranis S'Kra Mur
20 Asrea Human
21 Ayduin Elf
22 Yasminna Rakash
23 Aevel Elothean
24 Sophieann Human
25 Ceindrech Elf


[Empaths' Guild, Entrance]
The Empath Guild vestibule is bare of ornamentation and creature comforts, opting instead for a cleanliness and simplicity displayed in its unadorned wooden furniture and bare floors and walls. A single desk, heavily laden with a tangled mess of notices and records, sits in the corner, the last vestige of the guild offices which have been emptied for hospital space. A half-dozen chairs along the wall serve to accomodate guild members, patients, and their family and friends.
You also see a renown scroll and Guildleader Nebela Mentrade.
Obvious exits: west, out.

Last updated: 10/04/2019

Let it be known, the following have displayed excellence in defensive combat.

Criteria: total of Tactics skill, Warding skill, Evasion skill, Defending skill, highest armor, Parry Ability skill
Rank Name Race
1 Ikrin Dwarf
2 Karthor Dwarf
3 Zamara Prydaen
4 Remedi Elf
5 Cayra Human
6 Sophrona Elf
7 Sonjaa Human
8 Ssarek S'Kra Mur
9 Fernwren Dwarf
10 Hanafae Elf
11 Aevel Elothean
12 Truix Prydaen
13 Marmic Elothean
14 Heartsfyre Elothean
15 Kalinandra Kaldar
16 Wenwick Gor'Tog
17 Nausikaa Elf
18 Camai Prydaen
19 Ledia Dwarf
20 Sarkranis S'Kra Mur
21 Rozze Prydaen
22 Mordibar Rakash
23 Jadyce Human
24 Kaelie Elf
25 Fizzickle Dwarf


[Stormwill Tower, Empath Guild]
The Guildmaster's office is decorated in soothing greens and blues, with splashes of gold here and there to add color. A lush white rug covers the stone floor to muffle the echoes caused by the stream of Empaths rushing in to speak with their leader, who sits behind a large mahogany desk covered in ledgers and invoices. Hung on a rod near the stone fireplace is a kettle of lemonroot tea, the Guildmaster's favorite drink.
You also see Guildleader K'miriel Lystrandoniel, a renown scroll and a mahogany door.
Obvious exits: northeast, southeast, west.

Last updated: 10/04/2019

Let it be known, the following have displayed excellence in scholarly pursuits

Criteria: Scholarship skill, Appraisal skill
Rank Name Race
1 Nausikaa Elf
2 Remedi Elf
3 Sarkranis S'Kra
4 Marmic Elothean
5 Cayra Human
6 Kythryn Elothean
7 Sophrona Elf
8 Zamara Prydaen
9 Kaelie Elf
10 Kalyndara Prydaen
11 Aevel Elothean
12 Jadyce Human
13 Frediwyn Dwarf
14 Karthor Dwarf
15 Sakaya Human
16 Rubeis Human
17 Baggs Dwarf
18 Hanafae Elf
19 Wenwick Gor'Tog
20 Sophieann Human
21 Ayduin Elf
22 Sonjaa Human
23 Kalinandra Kaldar
24 Rollannd Elothean
25 Katjia Katjia


[Empaths' Guild, Central Corridor]
The long corridor serves as little more than a passageway to get from room to room and front to back of the guild hall. Except for occasional scuff and gouge marks from careless visitors, the plaster walls are undecorated.
You also see a renown scroll, a brass stand with a piece of yellow parchment on it, a wooden door, an archway and some stairs.
Obvious exits: north, northeast, northwest, out.

Last updated: 10/04/2019

Let it be known, the following have displayed excellence in the magical arts.

Criteria: total of all magic skills
Rank Name Race
1 Remedi Elf
2 Sophrona Elf
3 Marmic Elothean
4 Sarkranis S'Kra Mur
5 Aevel Elothean
6 Rairken Human
7 Zamara Prydaen
8 Kalyndara Prydaen
9 Hanafae Elf
10 Jadyce Human
11 Kaelie Elf
12 Ikrin Dwarf
13 Asrea Human
14 Cayra Human
15 Truix Prydaen
16 Sonjaa Human
17 Katjia Elothean
18 Sophieann Human
19 Lennede Human
20 Aharilyn Elothean
21 Raudhan Human
22 Lushk Human
23 Keirran Elf
24 Kaeta Elf
25 Aislynn S'Kra Mur

Aesry Surlaenis'a

[Empath's Guild, Courtyard]
The green courtyard is planted with low-growing herbs -- yarrow, thyme, and pennyroyal make a carpet of fragrant softness. A carved urn filled with cool, clear water reflects the sunlight and any breeze sends ripples over the surface. Several benches, some in the sun, and one shaded beneath a butterfly bush, invite one to rest and contemplate the peace here.
You also see a renown scroll, a wooden podium with a piece of white parchment on it, a divided wooded gate and a large sliding paper screen to the west.
Obvious paths: south.

Last updated: 10/04/2019

Let it be known, the following have displayed excellence in empathic survivalism

Criteria: Alchemy skill, First Aid skill, Outdoorsmanship skill
Rank Name Race
1 Kythryn Elothean
2 Sarkranis S'Kra Mur
3 Marmic Elothean
4 Remedi Elf
5 Sophieann Human
6 Sophrona Elf
7 Sonjaa Human
8 Jadyce Human
9 Rairken Human
10 Raudhan Human
11 Rozze Prydaen
12 Zamara Prydaen
13 Kaeta Elf
14 Aharilyn Elothean
15 Ikrin Dwarf
16 Katjia Elothean
17 Hanafae Elf
18 Truix Prydaen
19 Pemilachea Elothean
20 Zerise Gnome
21 Allye Prydaen
22 Aislynn S'Kra Mur
23 Aevel Elothean
24 Lennede Human
25 Acerbity Rakash


[Empaths' Guild, Hall of Battle]
A dark red carpet covers the floor of a hallway dimly illuminated by guttering iron wall sconces. An armor stand against one wall features a chainmail armor display, with some links rusted, broken, or bloodstained. At the display's feet rest a battered shield emblazoned with the Empath Guild crest and a bundle of dried flowers tied with a sapphire-blue ribbon. Mounted on the wall, a wooden plaque featuring brass nameplates lists some of those lost in the fields.
You also see a metal door and a renown scroll.
Obvious exits: northeast, east.

Last updated: 10/04/2019

Let it be known, the following have displayed excellence in offensive skills

Criteria: average of highest weapon and Targeted Magic skill

Rank Name Race
1 Remedi Elf
2 Cayra Human
3 Ikrin Dwarf
4 Zamara Prydaen
5 Rairken Human
6 Sophrona Elf
7 Karthor Dwarf
8 Nausikaa Elf
9 Hanafae Elf
10 Frediwyn Dwarf
11 Aevel Elothean
12 Kalinandra Kaldar
13 Ssarek S'Kra Mur
14 Marmic Elothean
15 Rollannd Elothean
16 Asrea Human
17 Sonjaa Human
18 Sarkranis S'Kra Mur
19 Kaelie Elf
20 Jadyce Human
21 Raudhan Human
22 Naeya Prydaen
23 Nesra Elf
24 Katjia Elothean
25 Arrtemis Human

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