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Vekara Vauns'Arotru
Status Active
Race Rakash
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime
Relatives Sfek Vauns Arotru

You see Pack Doctor Vekara Vauns'Arotru, Physician of Siksraja, a Rakash Empath. She has a wolfish face, pointed ears, enchanting forfra eyes and an elegant muzzle, a katamba-black and white coat with black masking, a long floofy tail and an athletic figure. She is tall for a Rakash. She is a pack beta. Her right hip has a tattoo of a bent tree with tentacular roots.

She is wearing a flowing azure cashmere rantija with moonstone embellishments, a delicately braided tursa choker suspending a single black diamond disc, a slender rugursora buckled with mistglass butterflies, a backless plum whisperlayne safos with airy layered gossamer skirts, a vivid violet iris with a pristine white center, a polished asini oath ring graced with a large glittering avene, a side-laced chenille tailband, a black oak stationery kit engraved with a detailed map of Therengia and a pair of knee-high leather nauda bound by crisscrossed strips of cashmere.