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Naraya Turrance
Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime

About Naraya

Although better known for her affordable and efficient shifting services, Naraya is also an avid herbalist and a dedicated field combatant, as well as a member of the Order of the White Rose and the Professional Healers Association. Her most defining feature, however, is probably her religious orientation, which departs somewhat from the Kermorian Pantheon: she refers to herself most often not as a healer or an Empath but as a “Servant of the Goddess,” by which she does not mean Hodierna (though she often allows others to make this assumption). In fact, she does not consider herself to be a particularly skilled healer and tends to focus most of her time and energy on honing her other skills.

Naraya is bonded to the Paladin Celeres Turrance and currently lives in a cabin near Lake Gwenalion, in the village of Siksraja in Therengia. Her surviving family, Esti and Unai Nekane (grandparents) also live in Therengia. Naraya's Journal documents her more recent experiences in Elanthia; the site (Servant of the Goddess) also contains information about her Shifting Services, as well as pages about her history and her player.