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Maylan Coat of Arms

Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Empath
Instance Prime


You see Rairken Maylan of Therengia, a Human.
A diffuse, honey-colored light undulates lazily across his skin, swirling and eddying with every movement.
Rairken has a square-jawed face, fathomless ash-grey eyes and a straight nose. His golden-streaked dark brown hair is shoulder length and wavy, and is worn loose. He has tanned skin and a well-defined build.
He is statuesque for a Human.
He appears to be middle-aged.
He has a tattoo of two ashen grey spheres, each housing a different figure. Captured in the first, a female human with long black hair stares down at a man kneeling in his own spherical prison, as a single tear rolls down her cheek. The armor-clad man grimaces in agony at his heavily bruised and distorted hands, while an instructor looms over him, unaffected by the horror. The edges of the sphere are faded and gradually disperse into small particles that scatter across on his back.


Race: Human
Guild: Empath
Age: 49


Rairken was born on the 18th day of the 7th month of Moliko the Balance in the year of the Emerald Dolphin, 383 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.

He originally arrived on a turnip truck in River Crossings with a best friend for life Azurinna. They grew up until moving along in life where Rairken resided between El Bains, Riverhaven, River Crossings and eventually settled in Ilithi once Annael was removed from the Crossing Empath Guild and joined Empaths of the Crystal Tower. He stayed in that province training over the years before being called upon his long lost brother to take his stead in Therengia by joining the Theren Guard.

While being apart of the Theren Guard for years he had held many positions. From general member, Triage Lt., Events Sgt., Recruiting Lt., Vice Speaker, Speaker among other hats. He spent many years in the Guard before being asked by Baron Gyfford to withdraw from the Guard and join the Court as his Military Advisor. He has recently submitted his resignation as there has been no need for this position and he has now returned to the Theren Guard. Where he can actively contribute.

In general Rairken likes to help people of all types, not biased towards any particular group and wishing to unite the communities spread across Kermoria. While he may get into some confrontations he believes they are well deserved as he continues to walk within the light of Justice not Law, Deeds not Words.


Father: Kenamer
Sister: Addisyn

Uncle: Sturm
Uncle: Somniumvisum
Aunt: Heartsfyre