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Holidays by Month

(Days 1-40) Akroeg the Ram

(Days 0-7) Shosandu, the New Year

(Days 0-3) Holy Week of Kertigen

  • Region: Elanthia

(Day 1) Vereklaath - Founding Day

  • Region: Therenborough

(Night of Day 1) Asketi's Ride
  • Region: City in Elanthia that has venerated Asketi the least.

(Days 4-7) Holy Week of Divyaush

  • Begins: around Shosandu - eve of last day of Shosandu is the coming of Divyaush.
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Region: Elanthia

(Days 41-80) Ka'len the Sea Drake

(Day 43-?) Langen's Feast

(Days 50-57) Lormandu, First Day of Spring

  • Region: Elanthia

(Days 48-51) Holy Week of Hodierna

  • Duration: 4 days
  • Region: Shard

(Days 81-120) Lirisa the Archer

(Day 92) Day of Mourning

  • Region: Ilithi

(Days 92-95) Holy Week of Everild

  • Occurs: Around Day 92, the holiest day of Everild
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Region: Elanthia

(Days 121-160) Shorka the Cobra

(Days 150-157) Anlandu, First Day of Summer

  • Region: Elanthia

(Days 148-151) Holy Week of Truffenyi

  • Day 150 is the holiest day of Truffenyi
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Purpose: Receive the blessing of Truffenyi for the growing season.
  • Region: Elanthia

(Days 161-200) Uthmor the Giant

(Days 178-181) Holy Week of Hav'roth

  • Day 180 is the holiest day of Hav'roth
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Region: Elanthia (probably especially celebrated in Muspar'i)

(Days 201-240) Arhat the Fire Lion

(Days 200-203) Surmirae Anladorlo

  • Region: Elanthia, mostly Throne City

(Days 224-227) Holy Week of Eluned

(Days 241-280) Moliko the Balance

(Day 250-257) Blufandu, First Day of Autumn

  • Region: Elanthia

(Days 250-253) Holy Week of Chadatru

  • Region: Elanthia

(Day 263) Sicle Grove holiday

Days 281-320) Skullcleaver the Dwarven Axe

(Days 312-315) Holy Week of Glythtide

  • Purpose: Day of grape and apple harvest, used for wine and cider.
  • Region: Elanthia, but mostly in Halfling communities like Arthe Dale.

(Day 317-320) Andu of Penance

(Days 321-360) Dolefaren the Brigantine

(Day 323) Aurilae's Sacrifice

(Day 349) Aesthene's Close holiday

(Day 350-357) Jeolandu, First Day of Winter

  • Region: Elanthia.

(Day 350-353)Holy Week of Faenella

(Days 361-400) Nissa the Maiden

(Day 396-399) Holy Week of Tamsine

  • Region: Elanthia

Unknown or Variable Dates

The Gypsy Gathering

No set date, typically occurs in the Spring.

Ten'ra Agalith or Heaven Truce

Day of Changing

  • Celebrated by S'Kra Mur, particularly on Ratha, as the day that Hav'roth transformed the S'Kra from a more lizard-like race to a more humanoid race.
  • Source: Histories of the Lohogi'hhs'ur

Chris's Mass Festival

  • Celebrated across Kermoria, but especially in Zoluren, this is a relatively new, and entirely secular, holiday that is observed whenever the celestial phenomenon known as Chris' Mass occurs.

Additional Sources

Book: Northern Customs

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