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Circle Based Abilities

For spell slot progression:

Magic Tertiary Guilds - Barbarians, Paladins, Rangers & Traders
1 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 62 64 66 68 70
72 74 76 78 80 82 84 86 88 90 92 94 96 98 100 102 105 108 111 114 117 120 123 126 129 132 135 138 141 144 147 150 Total: 68 slots


Ability Type Difficulty Cost Prereqs Effect
Beseech the Sun to Dry beseech intro No cost 10th Circle , , Dry self or item
Beseech Elanthia to Imbue beseech basic minimal spirit 15th Circle , , Create focus for personal trail marker
Beseech the Wind to Clean beseech basic minimal spirit 20th Circle , , Clean up room clutter
Beseech Elanthia to Cradle beseech basic 25 spirit 25th circle , , Prevent vitality loss from bleeding
Beseech the Wind to Preserve beseech 23+ spirit 30th Circle, Quest , , preserve meat and flowers
Beseech Elanthia to Petrify beseech 30 spirit 35th Circle, Quest , , Enhance stats of leather armor at cost of hinderance
Beseech the Dark to Sing beseech 30 spirit 40th Circle, Quest +Perception skill, darkvision
Beseech Elanthia to Seal beseech 50 spirit 50th Circle, Quest , , extend grave duration
Beseech the Water to Solidify beseech 31 spirit 55th Circle, Quest , , bypass Athletics check for swimming
Beseech the Wind to Refresh beseech 31+ spirit 60th Circle, Quest +Vitality regeneration, , 
Beseech the Wind to Echo beseech 31+ spirit 65th Circle, Quest , , whisper PC a message at range
Beseech Elanthia to Transfer beseech advanced 45 spirit 90th Circle , , This ability gives a 'nature bonus' to the Ranger.


Level Required What it does
Level 30 Ability to Slip personal objects to/from personal containers.
Level 40 Ability to Slip worn items on and off.
Level 50 Ability to Slip into hiding and stalk a target at same time.
Level 60 Ability to Slip into hiding and sneak a direction at same time.
Level 90 Ability to Slip items from the ground to one's possession.


Level Required Companion Add'l Info
Level 13 Raccoon For Stats and Skill requirements see: Ranger_companion
Level 35 Wolf For Stats and Skill requirements see: Ranger_companion

Horse Training

Skill Ranger Level Required Duration of Class What it Does
Leadrope 20th 6 Minutes Horse stays calm while having a rope or bridle on. (ask <stableman> about LEAD)
Saddle 30th 27 Minutes Horse stays calm while having a saddle on.
Beg/Sit 40th 17 Minutes Trick - The horse can sit and beg
Jump 40th 40 Minutes Trick
Kneel 30th or 40th 16 Minutes Teaches horse to kneel so smaller races can mount.
Prance 40th 57 Minutes Trick
Rear/Spin 40th 17 Minutes Trick
Animal 50th 48 Minutes Teaches a horse not to be afraid of animalistic races (Prydaen, and Rakash in moonskin)

Horse will BOLT when approached by one of these races, so it's important to teach it to all horses.

Combat 50th 52 Minutes Teaches horse to go to battle

(Ranger must first learn from Paladin)

Joust 50th 33 Minutes Teaches horse to perform a joust

(Ranger must first learn from 40th Paladin)

Magic 50th 55 Minutes Teaches horse not to fear offensive magic being cast atop it. (ask <stableman> about SPELL)
War 50th 120 Minutes Horse will fight with you (Paladins only!) when you are in combat.

Skill/Stat/Circle Based Abilities

Skill/Stat Required Category Name/What it does
201 Bows Combat Dual Load
Reflex + Agility = 60 Combat Reduced load time from quiver.
16 Scouting Scouting skill Scout Awareness
101 Scouting Scouting skill Scout Area
175 Scouting Scouting skill PTM (Personal Trail Markers).
200 Scouting Scouting skill Cover my Trail.
225 Stealth? Scouting skill Sneak down trails.
200 Stealth? Stealth 1 second RT sneaks when out of town.
40th circle Combat/Stealth Snipe. Remain in hiding after stealth ranged shot.