Beseech Elanthia to Transfer

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Ranger thumb.jpgRanger Guild
Beseech Elanthia to Transfer
Requirements: 90th Circle
Difficulty: advanced
Type / Skill: beseech / -
Use Cost: 45 Spirit Alignment (maybe less?)
Description: Beseech Elanthia to Transfer calls upon the spirit of Nature to replenish the Ranger's wilderness bonus, in exchange for spirit health.
Effect: , , This ability gives a 'nature bonus' to the Ranger.
Messaging: You will see the following message if you try to use this ability before the cool down period:

You must rest awhile before you can attempt joining with nature again!

> align 45
You lower your head, close your eyes and begin breathing slowly as you channel a small portion of your existing spirit health into reserve to be used as needed by nature itself.
> beseech elanthia to transfer

You feel your spirit weaken.

You close your eyes and breathe in deeply, gathering power from nature.

You reach down within yourself, to the center of your soul. Opening your eyes slowly, you begin to chant.

"Nature of Elanthia hear my plea!"
"Bring my strength back in harmony!"
"I pay the price, heed my call!"
"Return my spirit, full and strong!"

The sky begins to darken as you continue to chant.

A strong wind begins to blow. Bending the nearby foliage in its embrace.

The earth starts to shake violently, tossing things to and fro.

Out of the darkness, a bright pin-point of light appears in front of you.

The light brightens once and then is gone. In its place a tiny fae appears.

The fae looks at you with a smile and says, "You are strong in nature <Ranger>. For that I reward you with a cleansing." The fae suddenly hugs you tight to her and a warm glow surrounds you. With a grin, she winks at you and is suddenly gone.

The darkness lifts, the winds die down and the ground stops shaking with the departure of the fae.

You sense a loss of your inner-self.
Roundtime: 15 sec.


  • Additional alignment does not increase the effect.
  • This ability has a cool down period of several hours IRL time (6-8 hours) in which you must be logged on.