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Ranger sign language is a silent way to convey simple messages to those who understand the signs. Signs can be seen from afar, making it quite useful for scouting missions and other applications that require you to look before leaping.

Sign Message
Attack Person waves their fist forward.
Axe Person makes a chopping motion.
Bow Person puts their fists together and pulls one back.
Club Person makes a pounding motion.
Dead Person sticks out their tongue and closes their eyes.
Danger Person crosses their wrists.
Enemy Person slams a fist into their palm.
Fight Person shakes their fist.
Hurt Person cradles their arm.
Kill Person drags a thumb across their throat.
Run Person runs their fingers across their palm.
Spear Person makes a stabbing motion.
Sword Person makes a slicing motion.
Weapon Person pounds their fists together.
Barbarian Person dances their fingers about.
Bard Person covers both ears in pain.
Cleric Person holds out both palms and slowly raises them.
Commoner Person runs their finger back and forth over their lips.
Empath Person strokes their arm.
Mage Person points forward and waggles their finger.
Paladin Person puffs their chest out.
Ranger Person holds a flat palm above their eyes.
Thief Person drags two fingers across their eyes.
Trader Person makes a big belly motion and bloats their face.
Come Person waves towards themself.
Gather Person makes a circular motion near their feet.
Go Person waves their hand forward.
In Person points into a fist.
Join Person cups their hands and locks them.
Mountain Person makes a large arching motion with their hand.
Out Person puts their two fists together and opens them away from them.
Path Person holds their two thumbs side by side.
Stop Person holds up their palm towards you.
Trail Person holds their two index fingers side by side.
Wall Person pushes their two palms outward.
Up Person points up.
Down Person points down.
North Person points north.
South Person points south.
East Person points east.
West Person points west.
Northwest Person points northwest.
Northeast Person points northeast.
Southwest Person points southwest.
Southeast Person points southeast.
One Person holds up an index finger.
Two Person holds up two fingers.
Three Person holds up three fingers.
Four Person holds up four fingers.
Five Person holds up five fingers.
Six Person holds up six fingers.
Seven Person holds up seven fingers.
Eight Person holds up eight fingers.
Nine Person holds up eight fingers and a thumb.
Ten Person holds up eight fingers and both thumbs.
Climb Person makes a climbing motion with their fingers.
Cold Person crosses their arms and rubs their biceps.
Forage Person holds their hand like it's broken.
Help Person puts their two hands out and fans their face.
Hide Person motions to duck and hides their face.
Hot Person wipes their hand across their forehead.
Listen Person cups their hand to their ear.
Poison Person takes two crossed fingers and jabs them into their neck.
Search Person scrapes one hand with the other.
Skin Person drags their flat palm across their head.
Smell Person taps their nose.
Stalk Person places one palm behind the other.
Swim Person brings their cupped hand forward and pulls it back.
Tend Person circles their arm with their hand.
Track Person walks their fingers across the ground.
Baby Person folds their arms and rocks.
Crazy Person waggles a finger at their temple.
Dig Person scrapes one hand with the other.
Drink Person tips a cupped hand towards their mouth.
Drop Person turns over their cupped palm.
Female/Woman Person taps both hips.
Friend Person brings both fists to their chest.
Hello Person brings their fist to their shoulder.
I/Me Person taps their chest.
Look Person points to their eyes.
Love Person places their arms across their chest.
Male/Man Person taps both shoulders.
No Person shakes their head.
Quiet Person holds a finger up to their lips.
Think Person points to their head.
Tired Person sticks out their lower jaw and blows up across their face.
Touch Person touches the back of their hand.
Tree Person opens their fist as they raise it.
Twit Person rubs their thumb into their palm.
Water Person makes a wavy motion with their hand.
Yes Person nods their head.