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At 175 ranks of Scouting skill, a Ranger can crate a personal trail marker.

  • Forage a rock
  • Imbue the rock
  • Mark the rock with a knife (skinning, carving, etc. Some knives do not work)
  • Study the the rock

The study step places a trail marker at that location that is specific to you. Every Ranger has a different symbol (at least I've not found two that are the same yet). You can Scout Marker, Look Marker to see it.

>mark rock
Examining the salient features of the surroundings, you use your skinning knife to chisel a rough map into your skinning knife that identifies your trailhead.
>study rock
You study your trail marker rock, attempting to commit the location to memory. Creating a trail marker to mark this location, you sketch a circle around two diamonds on the ground to mark your trail.
>scout marker
Yup, your trail marker is still here.
>look marker
Sketched into the ground is a circle around two diamonds.

Now you can go off galavanting about elanthia, just take your new pet rock with you. When you want to return to your trail head, get the rock, study the rock, then scout rock to run the trail.

>study rock
You study your trail marker rock, refreshing your memory with the location of your trail marker.
>scout rock
You set off into the wilds, following the direction on your rock...

In order to read and identify other Ranger's markers, you'll need a class from another Ranger with at least 225 Scouting.

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