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The ALIGN ability has several uses for Rangers, Moon Mages, Clerics,and Warrior Mages.

See ALIGN command for syntax.


Rangers may align some of their spirit health to use with their Beseeches.

Moon Mage

Align serves several functions related to both the casting of spells and predictions.


  • ALIGN <skillset> / <skill> (CURSE): Aligns the mage to a skillset or individual skill for predicting upon. Defaults to attempting a positive prediction, but adding the CURSE command attempts a negative one.
  • ALIGN MOON <Yavash / Katamba / Xibar>: Requires at least 20 ranks in astrology. Causes all spells requiring a moon as a target will to default to the aligned moon. I.e., a simple CAST behaves like CAST <MOON>.
  • ALIGN MOON GRAZHIR: Similar to aligning to the other moons but is only available to mages that have completed the 100th circle quest. Causes all Teleport and Moongate spells cast without a target to take the mage into the Astral Plane at the nearest Grazhir shard.
  • ALIGN MOON SEVER: Severs the mage's connection to the aligned moon. Required to align to a new moon.
  • ALIGN SPLIT: Allows the mage to use only a portion of a prediction pool on a following prediction.
  • ALIGN TRANSMOGRIFY <skillset1> TO <skillset2>: Allows the mage to convert one prediction pool into another. Requires passing a very difficult Astrology check.


Clerics can align themselves to a specific deity with ALIGN <Immortal>. Of five possible skills (Augmentation, Debilitation, Utility, Warding, Target Magic), each deity will bonus the two skills listed by 15%, and penalize the other three by 15%.

Note that the bonus to Targeted Magic only applies to increasing the amount of mana that can be used, not to accuracy.

There is a 6 hour cooldown between aligning to a deity and it requires an altar candle.

  1. Stand in a consecrated room. Rooms with altars or shrines tend to be consecrated. Meraud's commune will also consecrate a room.
  2. Light an altar candle. In Zoluren, you may purchase tall silvery altar candles.
Deities by Skill
Bonused Skills Light Deities Neutral Deities Dark Deities
Augmentation, Debilitation None Damaris, Glythtide,
Augmentation, Targeted Alamhif Everild, Meraud Drogor
Augmentation, Utility Kuniyo, Lemicus,
Kertigen None
Augmentation, Warding Peri'el Chadatru, Hodierna,
Debilitation, Targeted None None Aldauth, Dergati,
Kerenhappuch, Ushnish
Debilitation, Utility None None Be'ort, Harawep,
Huldah, Idon
Debilitation, Warding Eylhaar, Phelim Hav'roth Asketi
Targeted, Utility None Faenella Botolf, Zachriedek
Targeted, Warding Firulf, Rutilor Eluned, Truffenyi None
Utility, Warding Albreda, Berengaria,
Divyaush, Saemaus
None None
Skills by Deity
Light Deity Bonused Skills Neutral Deity Bonused Skills Dark Deity Bonused Skills
Divyaush Utility, Warding Kertigen Augmentation, Utility Zachriedek Targeted, Utility
Berengaria Utility, Warding Hodierna Augmentation, Warding Asketi Debilitation, Warding
Firulf Targeted, Warding Meraud Augmentation, Targeted Kerenhappuch Debilitation, Targeted
Phelim Debilitation, Warding Damaris Augmentation, Debilitation Dergati Debilitation, Targeted
Kuniyo Augmentation, Utility Everild Augmentation, Targeted Trothfang Augmentation, Debilitation
Alamhif Augmentation, Targeted Truffenyi Targeted, Warding Huldah Debilitation, Utility
Lemicus Augmentation, Utility Eluned Targeted, Warding Drogor Augmentation, Targeted
Saemaus Utility, Warding Glythtide Augmentation, Debilitation Be'ort Debilitation, Utility
Albreda Utility, Warding Tamsine Augmentation, Warding Harawep Debilitation, Utility
Murrula Augmentation, Utility Faenella Targeted, Utility Idon Debilitation, Utility
Peri'el Augmentation, Warding Hav'roth Debilitation, Warding Ushnish Debilitation, Targeted
Rutilor Targeted, Warding Chadatru Augmentation, Warding Botolf Targeted, Utility
Eylhaar Debilitation, Warding Urrem'tier Augmentation, Debilitation Aldauth Debilitation, Targeted

Warrior Mage

A Warrior Mage must first align themselves to one of the elements with ALIGN <element> before other summonings can occur. This defines the nature of your Elemental Charge, energy that dwells in the bodies of Warrior Mages and is discharged to summon forces from the Elemental Planes.

Choosing an element to align to will automatically place you in opposition to another. For example, choosing Fire will place you in opposition to Water. Most Warrior Mages are locked into the classic pairings, but with exceptional skill in Summoning you can learn how to define your oppositional element freely with ALIGN OPPOSITION <element>.

Earth opposes Air, Fire opposes Water, and Aether opposes Electricity.

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