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Trail markers are used for the Ranger Trail System to point a Ranger with enough skill to the trail, and also give an idea of where the trail leads to.


Trail Marker Trail Destination
the horned horse Kaerna Village
the broken mountain Dirge
an X Crossing
the upright dagger Knife Clan
the great tree Leth Deriel
the flat wave Leth-Crossing Ferry South Side
a paw print Wolf Clan


Trail Marker Trail Destination
the rolling wave Crossing-Haven ferry south side.
the fenberry bush Gwendalion Fens
the two-handed tankard Langenfirth
the deer antler Deer Trail
the gravestone and deer antler Rossman's Landing
the shepherd's crook. Shepherd's Meadow
the crested shield Therenborough
the shepard's crook Rossman's-Shepard's Meadow
the noble gate Riverhaven-North gate
the eastern tower gate Riverhaven-East gate
the western tower gate Riverhaven-West gate


Trail Marker Trail Destination
the swift cloud Gondola
the tall spire Shard
the standing horse Gilen Otso Steppes
the crenellated wall Blackthorn Canyon

Qi Reshalia

Trail Marker Trail Destination
the caravan wheel Reshalia Trade Road - near leucros
the broken road Abandoned Road - near leucros
the singing bluff Old Fields Road
the one-legged seabird Reshalia Trade Road - roadblock
the gate of commons Ratha - Sur'oson Gate
the glacier Geshiger - snow goblins
the terraced road Shadaer Jama Pass
the standing buck Hart Hall
the troubled wave Aesry Docks


Trail Marker Trail Destination
the split river Ferry to Ain Ghazal
the white tipped peak Seord Kerwaith
a stocky miner Hibarnhvidar
a raven in flight Raven's Point
a mountain trail Mountain Giants
the icy stalactite Jeol'gelvmoraen
the charging boar Boar Clan
the winding river Liirewsag River - black goblins
the monastery Pilgrimage Trail, Cleric's Guild
the snowy cliffs Vela'Tohr Overlook
the black spire The Black Spire
an ice-rimmed cave Ice Cavern - frost angiswaerd
a mountain temple Hag's Crag
a stylised jagged fissure Dark Burrows - blight ogres
the briar patch Blighted Tangle
a stand of trees Black Apes
a mountain gorge Western Road - forest gryphons