Zoluren Town Hall Meeting: 17 Arhat 421 - 10/24/2016 - 03:57

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Zoluren Town Hall Meeting: 17 Arhat 421 · on 10/24/2016 03:57 AM CDT 2253
Date: 17 Arhat 421 (10/23/2016)

Players Present: Anlise, Denoces, Dulan, Eiria, Fogge, Gamila, Isharon, Kaikea, Karthor, Kelneth, Lasika, Leucius, Mistanna, Navesi, Nimthiriel, Noraan, Perune, Ruea, Tathalus, Vahrek, Xionara

Gift: leather war belt clasped with silver Zoluren gladiolus

[21:03] Isharon says, "Welcome, citizens of Zoluren and friends from abroad, to a special edition of the Zoluren Town Hall Meeting. Tonight, we will focus on the recent divine portents and invasions."

[21:03] Perune says, "No, I imagine they weren't, but if it gets their goat, I'm for it."

[21:03] Leucius says, "And when is there not critics anyway."

[21:03] Leucius says, "Ask her."

[21:04] Kelneth says to Leucius, "I don't think she'd clarify if we did."

[21:04] Ruea says, "Oh, people have been critisizing me for years."

[21:04] Isharon says, "First I will summarize what we know now and then open the floor to public comment and speculation."

[21:04] Isharon says, "It seems that every few years, we find ourselves on the brink of disaster. Often, the Dark Aspects are at work, whether they are hatching a great plot, punishing us for our neglect of them, or simply amusing themselves at our expense."

[21:05] Isharon says, "As a Paladin, I have not been privy to any visions. My role has regrettably been limited to listening to reports of those gifted with the second sight and fighting on the front lines."

[21:05] Isharon says, "Some of the earliest signs of trouble occurred in the month of Shorka, when Crossing was overrun by the fae. Some saw visions of a heron and a wren tumbling in conflict, and it was theorized that Faenella was quarreling with Idon about his involvement in a scheme by Huldah."

[21:06] Isharon says, "Later that month, despite the warmth of summer, Crossing found itself at the mercy of Asketi's icy creations. This was the first reported instance of the curse of the Icebound Heart, which freezes the victim with fear and fatigue. Many also succumbed to the banshee's spirit attacks."

[21:06] Isharon says, "During the month of Uthmor, High Temple Investigator Soraent spoke with adventurers about the meaning of these divine portents. He had been experiencing strong visions and had vomited bloody seawater."

[21:07] Isharon says, "Soraent also reported being unable to commune with the Category:Immortals about the recent attacks, feeling blocked. At the end of the meeting, it is said that three holy birds -- a wren, a dove, and a raven -- flew from his mouth amidst holy light."

[21:07] Isharon says, "Crossing again experienced attacks by the fae (said to be Huldah's work) and boggles (attributed to Idon), and later by night-dark moths clothed in baleful shadows. Those unfortunate enough to be kissed by these creations found their tongues cut out. Moon Mages felt as though fate itself were being manipulated."

[21:08] Isharon says, "Soon, adventurers of all stripes began seeing visions and vomiting small animals. Some speculate that the animal seen is connected to the worship of specific Immortals on the part of each adventurer."

[21:08] Isharon says, "I'll spare you a list of who vomited what, as Navesi covered this most thoroughly in the First Land Herald."

[21:09] Navesi says, "If anyone has names to add to the list, feel free to tell me after."

[21:09] Isharon says, "So with that background information in mind, I am opening the floor to the public to discuss any visions, odd sightings, or other portents."

[21:10] Tathalus asks, "Has any of the non magical guilds experienced visions?"

[21:10] Isharon says, "The vomiting has not been limited to magic users."

[21:10] Perune says, "I don't know about visions, I heard a ranger vomited out one of the holy animals though."

[21:11] Denoces says, "I, of a guildless lot, did not personally experience a vision."

[21:11] Nimthiriel says, "Hammerfist vomited teeth."

[21:11] Perune says to Nimthiriel, "That could just be from a good bar brawl."

[21:11] Navesi says, "The vomiting was usually accompanied with visions. However others have been experiencing pure visions without vomiting."

[21:11] Isharon says, "Mostly, it is Clerics and Moon Mages who see the visions, but I have heard of less detailed visions from others. I have not personally experienced any visions or vomiting."

[21:11] Nimthiriel says, "Nae, it was not."

[21:11] Nimthiriel says, "Many in the empath guild at the time did."

[21:11] Tathalus says, "Nor have I vomited anything......."

[21:11] Perune says, "I jest."

[21:12] Tathalus says, "Or had visions."

[21:12] Anlise says, "Not every cleric or moon mage has experienced them either."

[21:12] Tathalus asks, "May I speak plainly?"

[21:12] Isharon says, "Of course."

[21:12] Navesi says, "People from a variety of guilds experienced the vomiting, while those experiencing the pure visions have been entirely Moon Mages and Clerics so far according to my personal records."

[21:12] Tathalus asks, "Has any of the thieves guild who admit their guild relations been reported as seeing anything?"

[21:13] Navesi says, "I should hope no Thieves admit their affiliation. If they do we should call the guards."

[21:13] Leucius asks, "There are thieves?"

[21:13] Navesi says, "If that guild indeed truly still exists."

[21:13] Denoces asks, "Better, has a necromancer been captured to see if their ilk has any doing in these dark portents?"

[21:13] Anlise says to Denoces, "I believe this is out of the realm of necromancers."

[21:13] Vahrek asks, "Weren't several Empaths afflicted by the vomitting?"

[21:13] Isharon says, "The murder dolls we have been seeing recently, when that happened years ago, they turned out to be the work of a necromancer."

[21:13] Denoces says, "Tehse sacraficial daggers were found upon the last batch of hags that attacked the city."

[21:14] Isharon says, "Whiteburn, however, has cautioned me that the dolls may have a different origin this time."

[21:14] Anlise says, "I have one too from the attack on Raven's Point."

[21:14] Navesi says, "Necromancers are the purview of the Inquisition. I do not know of any plans of theirs to keep such filth alive for long enough to question them on this subject."

[21:14] Perune says to Fogge, "This got interesting fast."

[21:14] Tathalus says, "I fear vomiting a panther, cause it would turn around and eat me."

[21:14] Anlise says, "I concur with Whiteburn."

[21:14] Nimthiriel says, "Whiteburn cautions much."

[21:14] Nimthiriel says, "Encourages even."

[21:14] Denoces says, "I noticed the Elpazi were quite.. sickly.. vaporizing into air or sinking into the ground, promising their return.."

[21:14] Tathalus says, "Then vomit me......."

[21:14] Fogge says to Perune, "I didn't even know it was going to happen."

[21:14] Navesi says to Tathalus, "So far no one has expelled anything larger than about the size of a stoat."

[21:14] Leucius says, "A cow would seem not fun as well."

[21:14] Tathalus says, "Thats how they all go, being not of this realm."

[21:15] Denoces says, "But few say they will return after being slain..."

[21:15] Denoces says, "And mean it."

[21:15] Tathalus says, "They are made of Dark MAgic from the Dragon Tards errr Priests."

[21:15] Anlise says, "Language."

[21:15] Tathalus says, "I hate them, sorry, no two ways about it."

[21:16] Isharon says, "Whiteburn has also urged us to consider that what we see may not be what it seems."

[21:16] Perune asks, "Wait. Someone spit up a stoat?"

[21:16] Denoces says to Navesi, "While it can be said that the realm must be purged of the Necromancer plague, it should also be wondered if you could wring the last bit of strength from them to reveal their darker purposes and plans..."

[21:16] Navesi says to Perune, "Father Tenike."

[21:16] Denoces asks, "Like a misdirection, Isharon?"

[21:16] Anlise asks Navesi, "Should we mention the second visit from Soraent where we all had the voices speak through our mouths?"

[21:16] Isharon says to Denoces, "I believe that is what she was implying."

[21:17] Tathalus says, "I guess I need to speak with Tenike then.."

[21:17] Isharon says, "Feel free to add anything I didn't cover or embellish anything I did."

[21:17] Denoces says, "Earlier."

[21:17] Navesi says to you, "I'd like to speak on the group vision with Father Soraent."

[21:17] Tathalus says, "Nah, just wondering something."

[21:17] Leucius says, "I don't even know what a stoat is."

[21:17] Anlise says, "I think it's important."

[21:18] Isharon says, "A stoat is a weasel-like creature."

[21:18] Leucius says, "Ah okay."

[21:18] Denoces says, "I wouldn't mind hearing of the group vision."

[21:18] Perune says to Leucius, "I didn't either. Nakori had to educate me."

[21:18] Leucius says, "I was picturing anm extra sturdy Goat."

[21:18] Isharon says to Navesi, "We are eager to hear more."

[21:18] Navesi says, "For anyone interested in the full details of the encounter with Father Soraent, I would be happy to provide the article I wrote on th subject."

[21:18] Navesi says, "But for now I'll give a brief summary."

[21:19] Navesi says, "Father Soraent is an Investigator of the High Temple, who reports to High Priestess Tallis herself. He referred to himself as a 'channeler'."

[21:19] Navesi says, "It means that he is able to communicate with the gods on a much more... intimate level than most of us."

[21:20] Navesi says, "He prays to them and they bless him with visions and, often, physical manifestations. For example, Klines witnessed him vomiting seawater and I myself saw him produce a wren, dove, and raven."

[21:20] Navesi says, "A few days ago he called many of us together. He was especially interested in those expelling the god-animals, whom he called the Touched."

[21:21] Navesi says, "Once we had gathered enough, he performed a ritual that allowed us all to experience a shared vision of the Divine. Thankfully there was no vomiting."

[21:21] Navesi says, "This vision strongly suggested that... it is Harawep who has deceived us."

[21:22] Navesi says, "The voice that we heard said, 'Your faith weakens deceptions, righting the strands of the web its Mistress has altered. See this for what it truly is. Seek out That which hides in Our Forms.'."

[21:22] Navesi says, "We afterward heard voices emanating from various people present."

[21:22] Navesi says, "Together they said, 'The years connect, the machines begin to breathe, and the Widowmaker claims that which was always Hers.'."

[21:23] Navesi says, "At the end we heard an aged voice, crackling like lightning, come from Anlise here. It said, 'I am come!'."

[21:23] Anlise says, "Those who had voices emanating from them weren't aware of what happened to them until someone else relayed it."

[21:23] Isharon asks Navesi, "What do you think Harawep is claiming?"

[21:23] Perune says, "Maybe that giant spider, to eat everyone."

[21:24] Denoces asks Perune, "The one that comes on hollows eve?"

[21:24] Navesi says, "Honestly, it is hard to say."

[21:24] Tathalus says, "Harawep.....that she is the true silent life taker and trickster of old possibly."

[21:24] Navesi says, "I can only say that the mention of Mistress of a web, and the Widowmaker, both strongly point toward Harawep."

[21:24] Anlise says, "Afterwards, I went to Harawep's altar in the Darkmist moors."

[21:24] Navesi says, "It suggests to me that these attacks are really Her doing."

[21:25] Navesi says, "But who knows what it is that She wants? Perhaps it is not so simple as more devotion."

[21:25] Denoces says, "Seek out That which hides in Our Forms.."

[21:25] Anlise says, "As a cleric of Tamsine, I do visit her aspects and honor all the altars. No one had been to Harawep's altar for quite some time."

[21:25] Isharon asks Navesi, "And the other Dark Aspects, are they falsely implicated or cooperating in some way?"

[21:25] Tathalus says, "I think....later I should pray to Meraud and Damaris.....and hope to high heavens they answer."

[21:25] Anlise says, "But I do plan to go back and check again."

[21:25] Denoces asks, "If Harawep is the helper of deceptions, it doesn't necesarrily mean she is the deceiver?"

[21:25] Navesi says to you, "Perhaps. The shared voices we heard implied there was deception involved."

[21:26] Navesi says to Denoces, "Not necessarily, but in this case it seems a strong possibility."

[21:26] Anlise says, "The attacks span a range of the dark aspects. Adders and sharks."

[21:26] Eiria says to Denoces, "She doesn't have to outright decieve. She is a weaver of great schemes. A plotter of grand destruction."

[21:26] Denoces asks, "Could there be something that is as mysterious and magnimus as an Immortal, but not an Immortal?"

[21:26] Navesi says to Denoces, "There are powerful beings other than the Immortals. The Heralds, for example."

[21:26] Anlise says, "It is certainly not outside of the realm of Harawep to utilizing general discontentment among the gods and weave them to serve her own purpose."

[21:27] Isharon asks, "Isn't Harawep also depicted in the Temple of the North Wind?"

[21:27] Tathalus says to Eiria, "I wanna say its her, but this is simply the first move of a pawn piece on the board that is her scheme."

[21:27] Anlise says, "Yes, she is."

[21:27] Isharon says, "The one in Asketi's Mount."

[21:28] Navesi says, "If I had to guess, and this is only a guess, She took advantage of the rage of other Dark aspects in past years and put out facsimiles of Their creations in order to confuse us."

[21:28] Eiria says to you, "Her mural is that of plots and paranoia."

[21:28] Anlise says, "The mural depicts tangled threads framing numerous scenes of betrayal. In one, a man in healer's robes pours poison into a patient's wineglass. Another shows a trader furtively emptying a rival's contract case. A third depicts a herald carrying a truce flag shot down by an archer. More images of scheming and disloyalty fill the web as a large spider adds another thread. Etched beneath the scene are the words, "Terror and Pain: Plots and Paranoia."

[21:29] Tathalus says, "Classic misdirection."

[21:29] Isharon says, "Fate is sometimes described as a web, and the Moon Mages feel it to be manipulated some how."

[21:29] Tathalus says, "So simple, we wouldnt think about it because we are trying to imagine the unfathomable."

[21:30] Anlise says, "I believe Moon Mages and clerics experience the strongest visions because Moon Mages are the ones closest to Fate, and Clerics are the closest to the gods."

[21:30] Isharon says, "That is often the case."

[21:30] Denoces says, "Asketi.."

[21:30] Denoces says, "It is said that Asketi is known to carve a bloody path through the city that has failed to venrate her the most.."

[21:31] Denoces asks, "Yet her aspects of destruction have been in more than one city?"

[21:31] Tathalus says, "And.......that would be this one....."

[21:31] Tathalus says, "Again, misdirection."

[21:31] Navesi says to Denoces, "Indeed, but that is done on Shosandu, and we are in summer. And yes, more than one city has been hit besides."

[21:31] Tathalus says, "Lure us there then hits hard here."

[21:31] Anlise says, "There was an attack on Raven's Point a few days ago."

[21:31] Navesi asks, "Truly, with Father Soraent's help I believe we have a great insight into the situation. The only real remaining question is why, and what will She do next?"

[21:31] Isharon says, "It may be that Harawep merely wishes us to think Asketi is involved or is somehow manipulating Asketi."

[21:32] Kaikea says, "It took me way longer to find this than it should of."

[21:33] Perune says, "It is hard to predict the goals of your adversary when you don't know who the adversary really is."

[21:33] Denoces says, "Even if Asketi is not ones Immortal of choosing, perhaps the city would do well to bring offerings to her temple to stay her wrath, as well as attempt to invoke her presence, that she might reveal why her wrath has been pointed at us."

[21:33] Tathalus asks, "Well, can I make a suggestion?"

[21:33] Anlise says, "It's always wise to do that."

[21:34] Tathalus says, "Be cautious of food and drink and anything unassuming, for some reason.....I wanna say poison might be next."

[21:34] Navesi says, "Hmm."

[21:34] Anlise says, "Asketi normally takes sacrifices of sacks, adder beads, primers, or cards. But we have the knives and those wouldn't be bad offerings either."

[21:34] Kelneth says to Anlise, "Good idea about the knives."

[21:34] Tathalus says, "Cause its quiet, and a lot will be infected before we realize its an attack."

[21:34] Navesi says, "It would be wise to watch for poison. I'd agree."

[21:35] Isharon says, "It is never unwise to honor the Dark Aspects, though their goals and means seem evil to us, so that we are spared their wrath."

[21:35] Anlise says, "'}Denoces It'd be wise to seek out a known priest of Asketi or a Hodierna cleric that pays heed to all of her aspects."

[21:35] Denoces says, "On another note, I spoke with Skaen earlier in the day, who was wandering around the temple. He said he saw a vision of Harawep subtlely threatening Tallis."

[21:35] Anlise says, "'}Denoces It'd be wise to seek out a known priest of Asketi or a Hodierna cleric that pays heed to all of her aspects."

[21:35] Isharon says, "Drogor once felt neglected, and we almost paid the ultimate price for it."

[21:35] Anlise says, "You get the point."

[21:36] Tathalus says, "And also, never doubt, they too bless you through out your day, maybe is something as simple as staying their hand from harming you."

[21:36] Isharon says, "Make sacrifices to Harawep as well. She accepts spiders and poisons."

[21:36] Anlise says, "When people choose to honor a God, they need to understand both sides of it. Albreda and Harawep are the parts that make up the whole of Tamsine."

[21:36] Tathalus says, "Even with something that simple, they chose in your favor."

[21:36] Denoces says, "There was also talk on the gwethdesuan about a vision of Tallis tripping on a spiders web.."

[21:36] Tathalus asks you, "Like viper sacs and stingers?"

[21:37] Anlise says, "Nightshade."

[21:37] Anlise says, "Nightshade and spider parts."

[21:37] Isharon says, "Tathalus I believe she prefers nightshade. Viper sacs are for Ushnish."

[21:37] Anlise says, "Skinned spider parts that is. Plus spider beads, which I can carve."

[21:37] Tathalus says, "Ill get some from Muspari my next trip."

[21:37] Anlise says, "Or primers, but in this case, I think she would prefer the nightshade or the skinned spider parts."

[21:37] Navesi says, "Hmm, these visions are interesting. They certainly tie in to the idea that Harawep is acting, and the High Priestess is attempting to understand."

[21:37] Tathalus says, "A bundle full and hand them out."

[21:38] Denoces says, "Though it may be that in her attempt to understand, Tallis is falling prey to her schemes.."

[21:38] Navesi says, "One never knows, with a plot as intricate as this one."

[21:38] Isharon says, "Or it is desired that we believe her to be."

[21:38] Denoces says, "The closer you look at something, the harder it is to see what is around you..."

[21:39] Tathalus says, "If we believe her corrupted, then we wouldnt be as ready to head a warning should she give one."

[21:39] Perune asks, "What did the voices say again? Look where?"

[21:39] Denoces says, "If only Tallis would share some of her research, as I'm certain there are things she knows and fears to be made public, lest there be panic among those with waining spirits.."

[21:39] Navesi says, "Seek out That which hides in Our Forms."

[21:40] Navesi says, "A voice at the end also said, 'The stone brings all into focus through its many distortions '."

[21:40] Eiria says to Navesi, "The Circle of Stones, where one would acquire favors."

[21:40] Tathalus says, "See theres a danger in that Deno."

[21:40] Denoces asks, "Navesi The Obelisk?"

[21:40] Navesi says, "Perhaps. I don't know the meaning of that line."

[21:40] Anlise says, "I was thinking something to do with gems."

[21:40] Tathalus says, "Without the whole story, people would guess, and jump to conclusions and it might prove disasterous."

[21:41] Eiria says, "'Wasn't there a line of "Your faith weakens deceptions,."

[21:41] Denoces says, "That is why she would only tell those most trusted to be silent on sensitive material, if there was someone she trusted that much."

[21:41] Navesi says, "Your faith weakens deceptions, righting the strands of the web its Mistress has altered. See this for what it truly is. Seek out That which hides in Our Forms."

[21:41] Perune asks Eiria, "Are you saying they're telling people to acquire more favors?"

[21:41] Eiria says, "Perhaps the Circle of Stones, where you would seek favor from the Immortals, is a tool."

[21:41] Tathalus says to Denoces, "If it was to a small group of people she could tell and they keep it secret that would be good."

[21:41] Navesi says, "I believe that that line, 'Your faith weakens deceptions', referred to the fact that we gathered in faith to speak to the gods."

[21:41] Lasika mutters something into the air about merelew spies.

[21:41] Tathalus says, "A person is smart and accepting."

[21:41] Anlise says, "It is never a bad idea to get more favors."

[21:42] Denoces says, "We might do well to bring up our faith as a whole then."

[21:42] Tathalus says, "People are dumb scared animals."

[21:42] Perune says, "I suppose not."

[21:42] Denoces says to Tathalus, "As a group, often, yes."

[21:43] Anlise says, "One second, please."

[21:44] Leucius asks, "What are we doing?"

[21:44] Lasika quietly says, "Try an altar."

[21:45] Perune says to Leucius, "Some of us are enjoying the food."

[21:45] Leucius says, "Ah ha."

[21:45] Isharon says, "Sharing news and theories."

[21:45] Leucius says, "I was afraid I was too dumb of an animal to get it."

[21:45] Denoces says, "Truffenyi offers me no insight."

[21:46] Isharon asks, "Does anyone else have something to share or questions to ask?"

[21:46] Anlise says, "Well, I do plan to go back down to Harawep's shrine with a proper offering should anyone want to come."

[21:47] Denoces says, "Well."

[21:47] Anlise says, "I just need to get the offering first."

[21:47] Navesi says, "I would remind you all that we cover events in the Herald and have recently made our archives public. Speak to me if you'd like to see any."

[21:47] Leucius says, "That sounds like a good idea."

[21:47] Denoces says, "This is but a tiny thing, but."

[21:47] Denoces says, "At the end of the recent hag invasion, I mocked the immortal who sent these beings against us."

[21:47] Denoces says, "Shortly after, I was struck down by a dark lightning."

[21:48] Isharon says to Denoces, "They saw fit to make headless that which acted witlessly."

[21:48] Navesi says, "It is wise to respect the Immortals. I also note that the Hag is said to wield lightning."

[21:48] Anlise says, "I consider that handy advice for any time."

[21:48] Perune asks, "What did you say to the clouds, Denoces?"

[21:48] Denoces says, "I'd rather not."

[21:48] Tathalus says, "I sometimes mock them."

[21:48] Perune says, "Oh. I see."

[21:48] Anlise says, "Those who mocked Drogor when the sharks came were throughly punished."

[21:49] Denoces says, "One lightning strike is enough."

[21:49] Tathalus says, "Because I want to know that theyre there."

[21:49] Tathalus says, "That my prayers and offerings werent for nothing."

[21:49] Denoces says, "There may have been an account made public in the archives of the event, it is written there."

[21:49] Tathalus says, "I pray to three, but I thank them all."

[21:50] Denoces says, "Burning flesh.."

[21:50] Anlise says, "If you want to know the wrath of the gods in your life, make your wife angry."

[21:51] Tathalus says, "She's already beat me up."

[21:51] Tathalus says, "Twice."

[21:51] Tathalus says, "So Im well aware."

[21:52] Isharon says, "For the road."

[21:52] Perune says, "Quite a stash."

[21:52] Anlise says, "We need an offering first."

[21:52] Isharon says, "It's a long road."

[21:52] Anlise says, "And I need ferry money."

[21:52] Leucius says, "So lets talk about your alcohalism."

[21:52] Vahrek says, "Weal."

[21:52] Denoces asks, "To Asketi, or to Harawep, or to both?"

[21:52] Navesi says, "Dame Isharon just likes to be prepared, I'm sure."

[21:52] Tathalus says, "I...need to go talk to Philem I think too."

[21:52] Leucius says, "Mm hmm."

[21:52] Anlise says, "Harawep, though we can venture out to Asketi as well."

[21:53] Perune says, "Well prepared, apparently. A Paladin's motto perhaps."

[21:53] Leucius says, "Armor training can get tedious."

[21:53] Anlise says, "A spider's primer can be used though in lieu of anything else, but I find she may not accept it."

[21:53] Isharon says, "It gets cold in Boar Clan."

[21:53] Perune says, "You feel the beatings less with drink, it's true."

[21:54] Tathalus says, "Thank you Isharon."

[21:54] Tathalus says, "For this meeting tonight."

[21:54] Isharon says, "There are wolf spiders in Therengia."

[21:54] Tathalus says, "I will make sure we are in touch should we learn something."

[21:54] Kelneth says, "Pretty sure there are some spiders outside the west gate."

[21:54] Denoces says, "Anlise In the market stalls, I believe there is a ring which adorns an onyx spider that may be offered up to Harawep."

[21:54] Kelneth says, "Not very dangerous to anyone here."

[21:55] Anlise asks, "Oh?"

[21:55] Eiria says to Anlise, "If you are for further travel, Forfedhdar has nightshade."

[21:55] Isharon says, "The large brown spiders."

[21:56] Anlise says, "We'd want to go out there anyhow if we're venturing to the altar out there."

[21:56] Denoces says, "And Asketi.. it is said she is sometime seen with a sack by her hip, holding the souls of her victims.."

[21:56] Isharon says to Anlise, "We could venture there as a group, collect some spider eyes, and then return them to Harawep on Darkmist Moor."

[21:56] Denoces says, "A sack filled with snake parts and adder beads may do well as a proper offering."

[21:56] Anlise says, "OK, we can do that."

[21:57] Perune says, "Better get this ale before everyone gets to praying."

[21:57] Navesi says, "I don't think I can make it today, but I support the effort."

[21:57] Navesi says, "I have another article to get to."

[21:57] Isharon says, "I have about an anlas or two before I must retire for a while."

[21:57] Leucius says, "Seems like a fine idea."

[21:57] Navesi asks, "Oh, actually may I speak on that?"

[21:57] Anlise asks, "Would tomorrow be better on this, then?"

[21:57] Denoces says, "It is well thatyou inform the public of these serious matters."

[21:57] Leucius asks, "The meeting is overby the by?"

[21:58] Navesi says, "I just wanted to report something Perune here told me. Apparently Lady Lilena Turmar defended Dirge single-handedly."

[21:58] Isharon asks Anlise, "How about we all get an appropriate offering on our own -- it is more meaningful that way -- and agree to meet next andu?"

[21:58] Navesi says, "She called for help on the gweth and in person and was ignored."

[21:58] Navesi says, "We as Zoluren adventurers can do better."

[21:58] Anlise says to you, "I think that's perfect. If it's rushed, the gods will know."

[21:58] Denoces asks, "What did she face?"

[21:58] Leucius says, "Indeed."

[21:58] Navesi says, "Rebels."

[21:59] Anlise says, "That's sad."

[21:59] Denoces exclaims, "Her bravery should be heralded then!"

[21:59] Denoces says, "Despite my bolstering, I am still weak, and in need of much training.."

[21:59] Perune says, "She stated to me that several adventurers walked past her as the townsfolk were being slaughtered."

[21:59] Navesi says, "Indeed. But more so, I'd say we must step up. Pay attention and show up to defend our cities."

[21:59] Isharon says, "That is disappointing but unsurprising."

[21:59] Anlise says, "Dirge is mocked, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be defended. They are also citizens of Zoluren."

[22:00] Perune says, "Unsurprising. Yes."

[22:00] Denoces says, "And do not fear the call to arms, for many towns are but a horse ride away."

[22:00] Isharon says, "Moon Mages are often willing to help with transportation if the moons are cooperating."

[22:00] Navesi says, "There is no reason to mock Dirge. It is a struggling town but it has a fine mayor and the people are still deserving of being saved."

[22:00] Denoces says, "I was out and about Dirge when it came under siege recently by Rock Guardians, none but a couple other were there to face off the horde."

[22:00] Leucius asks, "Why do folk mock it?"

[22:01] Perune says, "Perhaps the name."

[22:01] Vahrek asks, "In fairness, how many new faces walk the streets that know much of the Turmar name?"

[22:01] Denoces says, "They left interesting weapons behind.."

[22:01] Isharon says to Leucius, "Dirge has an unsavory reputation and is often overrun by undesirable elements of its own population."

[22:01] Anlise says, "It would be good to have a lecture about the histories of the various smaller towns in the provinces."

[22:01] Navesi says to Vahrek, "In my article I provide a reference to Saragos's excellent article on Current Events in Zoluren, which covers the important nobility."

[22:01] Leucius asks, "And Crossing isn't?"

[22:01] Denoces says to Leucius, "There are also crazed madmen running around there as well.."

[22:01] Isharon says to Leucius, "In a different way."

[22:02] Leucius says, "I see."

[22:02] Leucius says, "We have those here too."

[22:02] Isharon says to Leucius, "The most undesirable elements of Crossing are often the adventurers."

[22:02] Denoces says, "General population aside, ours are held off in the mansion in the hunting grounds."

[22:02] Leucius says, "Ah ha."

[22:02] Denoces says, "There is no fear of them leaving it, but around Dirge the can be found more steadily in the open.."

[22:02] Perune says, "Which makes the undesirables here typically more powerful and thus even more undesriable."

[22:03] Perune says, "Sounds like Crossing should be mocked by that standard."

[22:03] Isharon says to Perune, "Law enforcement generally frowns on purging undesirable adventurers, no matter how just the cause."

[22:03] Leucius says, "Sounds like a..."

[22:03] Perune says, "Yes, they just barely frown upon those who don't uphold their oaths."

[22:03] Leucius says, "Stand up for Dirge iniative is in order."

[22:03] Perune says, "But no matter."

[22:04] Denoces says, "If only the Crossing guards would be a bit more attentive, they seem all but useless during the worst of the invasions.."

[22:04] Anlise says, "Oh, a question. I had heard rumors about people being turned to ice statues close to an andu ago."

[22:04] Denoces says, "Though keeping public order is important.."

[22:04] Anlise asks, "Does anyone know what that was about? Was it an invasion?"

[22:04] Navesi says, "I can give you the article on that. Curse of the Icebound Heart."

[22:04] Denoces asks, "This meeting?"

[22:04] Navesi says, "A new danger from Asketian banshees."

[22:05] Denoces says, "It was on the foreboding doings that have been happening as of late.."

[22:05] Kelneth says, "Pretty sure curing it either needs a cleric to uncurse you or someone killing the banshee that cursed you with it."

[22:05] Lasika mockingly says, "Oh, ice statues, dat's real scary. But no von bats an eye vhen somevon's soul gets sucked out deir mout' and dey get eaten from der inside out and vorn like a mask by some merelew, so dey can poison your food and steal your family."

[22:05] Denoces says, "Sporadic invasions, if you will. Elpazi, Hags, Adders, dolls.."

[22:05] Denoces says, "The Sharks."

[22:05] Eiria says to Kelneth, "Killing the Banshee may do it. I was touched, never uncursed, and it did fade."

[22:05] Denoces says, "Someone is stirring a big pot and spilling it over the land.."

[22:06] Perune says, "That was the person ranting about the Merelew, oh, that is funny."

[22:06] Leucius asks, "Was that common?"

[22:06] Kelneth says to Eiria, "I'm just glad someone told me why it faded, because I was going to develop a complex about being immune."

[22:06] Denoces asks, "What is a Merelew?"

[22:06] Perune says, "I had heard about her rantings from someone. I didn't really take it serious till now."

[22:07] Perune says, "Very amusing."

[22:07] Navesi says, "The Merelew are a race of humanoid beings who mostly live in an underwater city."

[22:07] Isharon says, "One married into the royal family."

[22:07] Navesi says, "I'm afraid Lasika's interpreteation of them is... entirely unfounded."

[22:07] Perune says to Navesi, "You should corner her for the full conspiracy theory."

[22:07] Navesi says, "Already done."

[22:07] Perune says, "Readers are dying to know."

[22:07] Denoces says, "Those That hide in Our Form..."

[22:07] Navesi says, "I'm afraid I can't report it."

[22:07] Perune says, "Denoces has some ideas too."

[22:08] Isharon asks Navesi, "Don't you have a letter to the editor section?"

[22:08] Navesi says, "No, not at the moment."

[22:08] Leucius asks, "Do you have a staff of translators?"

[22:08] Navesi says, "The editor is rather busy editing the 14 or so articles we've put out in the last few weeks."

[22:08] Denoces says, "I suppose I told Navesi of this, but."

[22:08] Denoces says, "I found this knife on a traders table recently."

[22:08] Navesi says to Leucius, "I am the translator I'm afraid."

[22:08] Leucius says, "You poor Dear."

[22:09] Navesi exclaims, "No one else cares for Bardic training these days!"

[22:09] Denoces says, "The archives pointe to an interesting historical, and maniacle, origin.."

[22:10] Perune says, "Tell us of this evil knife, Denoces."

[22:10] Anlise asks Denoces, "Really?"

[22:10] Leucius says, "This is where he stabs us all."

[22:10] Perune says, "Part of Harawep's plot."

[22:10] Denoces says, "Speaking to the great managers of the archives on the matter, they could not readily discern its origin."

[22:10] Perune says, "The lightning made him a servant."

[22:11] Denoces says, "But there is an account that mentions of a dull butcher's knife."

[22:11] Leucius says, "And now we must pay."

[22:11] Denoces says, "Dropped by the Fleashtearer Tachid, general of Lyra."

[22:11] Perune says, "Blood for Denoces."

[22:11] Leucius says, "Oh him."

[22:11] Leucius says, "He dropped quite a few."

[22:11] Perune says, "Or Harawep."

[22:12] Denoces asks, "But how many are found?"

[22:12] Anlise says, "I have a lot of favors."

[22:12] Anlise says, "He can murder me then I can haunt him."

[22:13] Leucius says, "I would say double digits."

[22:13] Isharon says, "I am not sure how one would discern between an ordinary butcher's knife's and one wielded as a weapon by Tachid."

[22:13] Eiria says, "This has all been very enlightening. Thank you."

[22:13] Leucius says, "He was killed, a lot."

[22:13] Leucius says, "There is that."

[22:13] Leucius says, "He did smell awful though."

[22:14] Perune says to you, "Come now. Clearly it's an evil knife from the most horrifying of wars."

[22:14] Anlise says to Denoces, "Don't lick it."

[22:14] Navesi says to you, "Sometimes a Bard may tell the difference, but I don't think so in this case."

[22:14] Navesi exclaims, "I have an article to write I'm afraid!"

[22:14] Denoces says to you, "As I said, not even the Grand Manangers of the archives could speak on its origin."

[22:14] Leucius asks, "On the spoon of doom?"

[22:15] Navesi says, "I'll be going. Thank you once again for the meeting and the gift."

[22:15] Leucius says, "Ah yes, Thanks for the chat."

[22:15] Perune says to Navesi, "Take care."

[22:15] Leucius says, "Good luck."

[22:15] Isharon says, "Thank you all for coming."

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