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Status: Alive
Guild: Cleric
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Crossing (Ranik Map 2b)
Associates: Tallis


You see High Temple Investigator Soraent, a Human.
Soraent has a square-jawed face and piercing dark eyes. His grey hair is short and curly. He has ebon skin and a wiry build.
He is tall for a Human.
He appears to be aged.
He is clean shaven.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a grey woolen cassock clasped at the shoulder with the signet of the High Temple and some black leather boots.


  • Known to work for High Priestess Tallis investigating, interpreting, and otherwise handling holy portents.
  • Born near Kaerna.
  • Currently lives in the Monks' Quarters of the Crossing High Temple, but frequently travels for his duties.
  • Has received very powerful Holy visions ever since he was a small child.
  • Was raised by the clergy after his gift was identified.

Known letters that have become public

What Must Be Done

A Stray Piece of Olied Vellum Found on the North Trade Road (part 1) - Persida Posting (04/19/2016)

High Priestess,

I am sending copies of this missive with several couriers in my hopes that one of them will reach you swiftly despite the routes I have them taking, in accordance with my usual abundance of caution.

I continue to monitor the situation near Riverhaven as you requested. The following is what I have confirmed thus far:

Though crude in construction -- so not entirely unlike other altars to Drogor elsewhere -- the altar does have His mark upon it in the shape of one of the sapphires that His creatures have been known to carry at times. The sapphire appears to have been embedded into the wood during a lightning strike.

Following up on the myriad supposed eye-witness accounts, I have ascertained that His lightning has indeed been sighted numerous times, both in its punishing aspect and in its blessing aspect.

One instance of a manifestation of a shark-like form composed of water rising up from the river is likewise confirmed. It was felt by the witnesses to have been a blessing from Him for their continued prayer.

The deaths reported in relation to the altar have been confirmed to belong entirely to two categories -- those who have been smote by His will when attempting to defile the altar and insult Him (all via marine-hued lightning thus far), and those who have been willingly sacrificed in Holy ritual as is custom for tribute to the Dark Aspects when worshipers wish to plead for Their mercy.

I wish to stress that these sacrifices are confirmed to have been entirely willing. It does not appear that we have a resurgence of what happened during the great manifestation of Drogor’s Wrath in 414, though I shall remain at the ready as always.

There have indeed been attempts by some to defile or destroy the altar, at least twice with fire. All reports of these attempts that I have been able to confirm did result in the death of the individuals by the Divine, as manifest in the way I mentioned above.

I have not yet confirmed nor fully debunked the rumors of Therengian officials or nobles suggesting anything untoward regarding the altar. However, at least some individuals involved in the confirmed attempts at defilement are adventurers who do hold some sort of rank within local militias and the like.

A least two of the individuals involved with these attempts at defilement and who were slain by His lightning -- paladins both -- have subsequently claimed to have received visions from Chadatru as well. It is notable that this pair has since profoundly changed their stance, and has been seen attempting to protect worshipers at the altar.

Some very public discussion has occurred as to possible retaliation against the original pair of worshipers who constructed the earthly vessel that did become this altar, and who prayed to Drogor for His blessing of it. While much of it has been the rumbling of clusters of adventurers, I have confirmed at least one public appearance by the Lord Mayor of Riverhaven wherein content discussed did seem to indicate that punishment of the pair may yet be under consideration by the Barony.

This last piece is something you may be able to confirm better than I, High Priestess, as it involves attempts to contact the Temple directly, but I wished to include it for completeness all the same. I have just now received word that one of the Therengian nobility, of the House that operates the ferries by which Riverhaven is most normally accessed, may be petitioning the Temple for redress regarding the altar. I fear the implications of this, as even rumors to this effect may stir the local fishers, sailors, and even, I daresay, the ferrymen themselves, to some sort of rash response. The usual protocols have been enacted.

I await your word,


A Stray Piece of Olied Vellum Found on the North Trade Road (part 2) - Persida Posting (04/27/2016)

High Priestess,

I am again sending copies of this missive with several couriers, though the portents are less dire at the moment.

You have no doubt noticed the storms that had been unceasing since the report of Lord Shillat's reaction to the altar. By Their Grace, the usual protocols have proven effective. Though tensions remain high in many circles, at this time, no uprisings from those whose working lives depend on Drogor's mercies have occurred and I am pleased to report that I've confirmed no further significant attempts to desecrate the altar or provoke Him into displays of retribution. Further, the Faire to the south has brought its customary honoring of Berengaria to the fore despite the rain.

Holy signs are indicating that we shall perhaps soon see a break in the clouds. This is a testament to the devotion of the masses, surely, both those mindful of the Dark and those yearning for the Light.

Ever Vigilant,


A Muddied Scrap of Parchment - Persida Posting (10/10/2016)

High Priestess,

I am making my return as hastily as I am able, yet I wished to send this missive ahead should any further activities delay my journey. After a tense consultation with the representative sent by The Prophet out here to me in Qi, I feel it is indeed likely that the attacks are not wholly unrelated. Unfortunately, I fear the visions visited upon me during my prayers are yet muddled, barring me my Holy insights beyond that which the clergy at large have had visited upon them. I shall not falter in my work, however, and upon my reaching the mainland once more, I am set to begin the next stage of the investigation as we previously discussed.

By my hand,


First Land Herald

The First Land Herald - 421-5-5 - High Temple Investigator Speaks of Shadow in Visions

Divine Inspiration

In 423 AV, Father Soraent was divinely inspired to consume prayer beads and working through him, the Immortals used the faith of his vessel to transmute the beads into enchanted necklaces of aganylosh'a beads interspersed with anloral amulets. In a physically taxing act, he vomited forth these necklaces to gift to adventurers to gird them against Maelshvyve's demonic forces at Sorrow's Keep.