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Traders can PERC AURA to check their aura levels. (see detailed notes below)

Without Noumena in place, there are three conditions necessary for natural aura growth:

1) It must not be overcast. Mild cloud cover doesn't hinder you.

2) It must be night time.

3) You must be out under the open sky.

Three things to note about the aura.

1) Its capacity is directly related to your Lunar Magic and scales pretty high. The floor of the system is at 20 ranks of Lunar Magic (below that you're just given the value of 20 ranks as a courtesy). Your aura will have double its original capacity by 40 ranks, and it will continue to grow until you hit 1000 ranks.

2) Its regen is directly related to your Wisdom and each and every point in Wisdom contributes to the size of your regen pulse. It will double from its default (assuming a 0-mod race) at around 40 Wisdom and continue to grow in perpetuity (though there's a practical limit to how much you'll want to invest into Wisdom).

3) Most aura costs are related to the mana you're putting into the spell. It costs more aura to power a 4-mana spell than a 2-mana spell.

So, when you're drawing on your aura in the early stages of your magic you want to be careful about how much mana you put in. Bearing in mind that early in a Trader's life they have free access to Analogous Patterns spells that cover every skill except Utility, which can be covered by Noumena at 2nd circle.

As your skills and stats increase, the aura's limits loosen up considerably and casting more powerfully and repeatedly under adverse conditions will become possible. By the time you lose access to the AP spells you should have enough Lunar Magic to notice a substantial improvement over Noobler's First Aura.


  1. The smallest hint of starlight flickers within your aura.
  2. A bare flicker of starlight plays within your aura.
  3. A faint amount of starlight illuminates your aura.
  4. Your aura pulses slowly with starlight.
  5. A steady pulse of starlight runs through your aura.
  6. Starlight dances vividly across the confines of your aura.
  7. Strong pulses of starlight flare within your aura.
  8. Your aura seethes with brilliant starlight.

Notes on Perceiving Your Aura

  • PERCEIVE AURA: Will give a few lines of information:

You close your eyes and take a measure of your aura.
Starlight dances vividly across the confines of your aura.
Your aura contains as much starlight as you can safely handle.
Local conditions are hindering the growth of your aura.
Roundtime: 6 sec.

The first line is just messaging, but the next three each convey a separate piece of information:

  • STARLIGHT DANCES VIVIDLY ACROSS THE CONFINES OF YOUR AURA: This is like your aura inventory. It's just telling you how much you currently have stored up. It corresponds to the list of levels given above. So I'm currently at a 6 on that list.
  • YOUR AURA CONTAINS AS MUCH STARLIGHT AS YOU CAN SAFELY HANDLE: This tells you that you can't fit any more Starlight. You've charged as much as you can. If this is not true then this line will not appear at all.
  • LOCAL CONDITIONS ARE HINDERING THE GROWTH OF YOUR AURA: This is telling you the rate of change of your aura inventory. So how fast you are charging. There are three variations here:
  • "prohibiting": you're not charging at all, which means one of three conditions listed above is not met
  • "hindering": you are charging your Aura, but charging it slowly -- you are probably using Noumena to bypass one of the conditions above
  • "optimal": you are meeting all three of the conditions above, and your Aura is charging as fast as it can

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