Temple of Light

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One of a pair of linked Temples in the city of Shard, the Temple of Light is found upon Sunstone Street, just east of the Great Tower. From the center of the temple, a Cleric may enter to their guildhall. When you first enter the Temple, an alcove to the side houses the provincial Wisdom trainer.
This illuminated temple is home to thirteen shrines dedicated to the various benevolent faces of the Kermorian Pantheon. It also houses the altars of Gela Ortegunen (Noon Room) and Gela Arenen, which can be used for typical Clerical Rituals.

Legends & History

Legend tells that this Temple was constructed in the days of Shard's youth, when it's citizens were coming into their own and forgot to give proper homage to the higher powers that had blessed them with this freedom and prosperity.

For more information on the legend, see also The Legend of Ten'ra Agalith.


Within the Divyaush arch is a door taking one to Sister Imadrail's Emporium, which sells Clerical items as well as Immortal-themed trinkets.


There are a number of food items available within the arches.

[Temple of Light, Alcove of Alamhif]
Colorful frescos of happy children bolster the cheerful tone of this alcove. Laughing and shrieking joyfully, children of all races are pictured running and playing. Overlooking their antics is an old man with a kind face holding an injured magpie gently in his hands. A low table holding a bowl filled with peppermints and taffy rests against one wall and brightly-colored cushions are provided for sitting upon. You also see a redwood arch.
Obvious exits: none.

In the candy bowl
Item Price Done
a piece of taffy 0   !!
a piece of peppermint 0   !!

[Temple of Light, Alcove of Smaragdaus]
More like a tap-room than a chapel, tarts and juice offered on long banquet tables tempt worshippers. Cheerful tapestries of people dancing, couples courting and families enjoying life together adorn the walls. On the domed ceiling, a painting of a laughing man, mug in hand, watches over all who come to visit. Soft cushions are tossed around the room for people to rest comfortably. You also see an inscribed fruitwood arch and the locked almsbox.
Obvious exits: none.

On the banquet table
Item Price Done
a pitcher of peach nectar 0   !!
a bottle of creamy milk 0   !!
some cranberry tarts 0   !!
some cornbread muffins 0   !!
some apple-spice muffins 0   
some banana-walnut muffins 0   !!