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This is an overview of the major travel routes throughout Elanthia. It is not to scale. See the Zone map for a map which shows the actual direction and distance between locations.


  • Line - You can walk around fairly normally, although there may be some very minor athleticism checks that even novice travellers should be able to succeed at.
  • Blue - Requires some considerable amount of athleticism to bypass.
  • Yellow - Travelling vessel required, usually in the form of paid transportation.
  • Grey - Time-based choke point. E.g. an icy road that you must slowly travel through.
City of Muspar'iVelaka Desert Trail and Sand BargesVelaka Desert Trail and Sand BargesVelaka Desert Trail and Sand BargesTown of Hvaral and the Road to FornstedFornsted VillageOne travel that takes a substantial amount of time, not RT, but not capable of doing much elseThe City of TherenboroughSiksraja VillageCity of LangenfirthRope Between Rossman's Landing and Therenborough. Large RT getting off rope. (~ 150 Athleticism)(~240 Combats for Bandits on south side)Mistwood Forest to Rossman's LandingVelaka Desert Trail and Sand BargesVelaka Desert Trail and Sand BargesBalloon to M'riss in LangenfirthBoat rental service that can travel to Langenfirth, Riverhave, and Rossman's LandingJantspyre River (~150 Athleticism)Ferry between Riverhaven and LangenfirthThe City of RiverhavenZaulfang swamps and path to Maelshyve's FortressBoats to Ratha and Aesry from RiverhavenFerry from Riverhaven across the Faldesu to Greater FistFaldesu River (~120 Athleticism)Ferry from Riverhaven down the Faldesu to Throne CityThrone CityAesry Surlaenis'a has a lot of climbing as soon as you get off the dock, and regular movement around the island is very fatiguing.Greater FistIsland of RathaBoat between Ratha and AesryNTR near Caravansary and DirgeDirgeBoat and Moongate bewtween Ratha and Taisgath, the Moongate requires at least one moon be up.Boat between Ratha and Hara'jaalVillage of Sunfall HubTaisgath IslandHara'jaal IslandKaerna VillageStone ClanBoat between Mer'kresh and Hara'jaalKnife ClanMer'kresh City and M'riss IslandWolf ClanBrook to Knife Clan and Wold ClanThe CrossingArthe DaleTiger ClanSwimming the Selgotha River between Crossing/Tiger Clan and Leth Deriel(~350 Athleticism)Ferry across Selgotha River between Crossing and Leth DerielBoat between crossing and RathaTravelMap.png
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