Lake Gwenalion

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Lake Gwenalion

Therengia Area Graphic

Lake Gwenalion is large lake in south central Therengia that drains into the Faldesu River.. The lake is deep, boggy, and frequently covered by a heavy fog and known to freeze over during winter. It is as much a loch as it is a lake, with steep rocky sides covered in thick forests, the lake is difficult to access where the terrain doesn't naturally dip down to the waters. The lake is one of the dominating physical features of central Therengia, and its waters have given life to numerous settlements over time; Riverhaven, Langenfirth, and Rossman's Landing all sit upon its banks and utilize the depths for fishing and travel.



Two barges, The Northern Pride and Theren's Star, continuously sail between Riverhaven and Langenfirth. The barges take 10 to 15 minutes to sail and remain at each dock for 4 minutes. They are owned by Ditsworth and each contain a casino: Ditsworth's Floating Casino (Northern Pride) and Ditsworth's Floating Casino (Theren's Star)

Rentable Boats and Their Pilots

Rentable boats can be found inside a gate on the docks of Langenfirth, Riverhaven, and Rossman's Landing. There are approximately 10 total boats for rent. The boats cost 1 gold Kronar to rent for 1 full hour. Anyone who rents a boat will also have the "Captain" pre-title for 1 full hour.


  • Long wood dock : Rossman's Landing
  • Seord Dock : Langenfirth
  • Zelka Dock : Langenfirth
  • Lubasa Dock : Riverhaven
  • Hara Bonfa Dock : Riverhaven
  • Belia Maor Dock : Riverhaven

Boarding and Boat Rental Syntax

  • GO <boat's name>: To board a boat.
>go Cui
  • ASK <Pilot> ABOUT COMMAND x2 to rent a boat for an hour.
>ask adreanar about command
Pilot Adreanar says, "It costs 1000 Kronars to buy the ship's Captaincy for one hour."
[Repeat the question again in 15 seconds to gain the commission.]
>ask adreanar about command
Pilot Adreanar takes 1000 Kronars and hands you a commission.
Pilot Adreanar says, "Your commission will last for one hour."

Boat Pilot Command Syntax

  • Ask <Pilot> about help. To see this help.
You can ask your pilot about your destination, time, guard, launch, speed, help, or position.
Pilot Grendalian says, "I'll be happy to give you a few pointers."
Pilot Grendalian instructs:
  1. - You can ask me about position and speed for helpful info.
  2. - COMMAND Grendalian TO ... will give you a list of commands.
  3. - You can use the trim command multiple times to increase the speed of the ship. The use of this command is incremental.
  4. - You use the ease command to slow the ship.
  5. - The ship's wheel must be centered for the ship to reach optimum speed.
  6. - A 30 degree turn of the wheel is enough for a nice, controlled turn.
  7. - Keep a LOOK out because at full speed it could be easy to miss something.
  • Command <Pilot>. to get this help.
Pilot Grendalian says, "I can help you in a number of ways Captain."
  • COMMAND Grendalian TO SAIL FOR {location}
Available locations: Riverhaven and Langenfirth.
  • COMMAND Grendalian TO SAIL TOWARDS {[adjective] noun}
Sail towards a visible ocean target
  • COMMAND Grendalian TO LAUNCH
Prepare the ship to unmoor.
  • COMMAND Grendalian TO MOOR [TO {target}]
Moor ship to target if possible.
  • COMMAND Grendalian TO TRIM
Have the ship's crew adjust the disposition of sails for maximum efficiency.
  • COMMAND Grendalian TO EASE |FULL|
Have the ship's crew adjust the sails to slow the ship.
FULL actually uses the anchor to add drag to ship, slowing it even further.
  • COMMAND Grendalian TO ANCHOR
Drop or pull up the ship's anchor.
Toggles the ship wheel's usage.
Sets your Captain title.
  • COMMAND Grendalian TO TOSS {name}
Removes someone from the ship. Only works while at dock.
  • COMMAND Grendalian TO CANCEL
Cancel all current commands.

Sailing Lake Gwenalion

Turn wheel left or right, will turn 5 degrees at a time, you want to turn at about 30 degrees (best angle, others are possible) then once you have executed the turn, turn the wheel back the other way until it is centered again. You cannot reach full speed unless your wheel is centered.

Note: You cannot command your pilot to sail TO something you cannot already see in the water. You can command your pilot to sail FOR Riverhaven or Langenfirth from any point on the lake, regardless of whether or not you can see their docks.

Rossman's Landing

If you leave from Haven sail straight north (Command your pilot to TRIM the sails until you are at full speed). After a time your pilot will lose tacking and stop the ship. When this happens, command them to sail toward the long wood dock (which you should now be able to see) and trim twice. Trimming more than that will put your speed to high and they will anchor again.

If you leave from Langenfirth sail east/northeast until you see the long wood dock. (same as above).

If coming from Rossman's you can just backtrace the directions above.

Riverhaven or Langenfirth



Also on the lake are buoys in red, orange, yellow, white, and white and blue.



Lake Gwenalion is home to a large aquatic beast that can be occasionally seen while riding aboard the barges. The beast has been affectionately nicknamed "Gweny" or "Gwen" by travelers. A statue of "Gweny" can be found outside The Tepid Faldesu tavern in Riverhaven:

Almost entirely covered in green oxidation, the large statue depicts a lumbering flipper-limbed creature with a long snake-like neck. Rows of sharp, jagged teeth, similar to those of a shark, line its open mouth.

Each year the communities around Lake Gwenalion celebrate Langen's Feast in honor of the monk Langen who came to the area and made Langenfirth famous with his Langen Ale.

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