Jeza Aul Elo

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Jeza Aul Elo is a penal colony on the island of M'Riss. Jeza Aul Elo was once a garrison of the Imperial army, but when the Empire collapsed, the soldiers and Rissan Elves married together. The garrison was abandoned along with the rest of the island when volcanic eruptions forced the inhabitants to build Mer'Kresh. All the criminals of Mer'Kresh today are sent to Jeza Aul Elo.

To get into the colony, you need to commit a crime and be caught over on Mer'Kresh.

There are three ways to get out of the colony: 1. Serve your full time (3 RL days), talk with Marplang for time updates and release papers. 2. and 3. are puzzles, one is skill based, the other is for the clever to deduce. If you do escape the colony, make your way back to Mer'Kersh for your items. Might want to get yourself presentable before going around in public too much, so get cleaned up! - Taken from Kythryn's Maps - Qi