How to Enter the Hive

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This article reveals in-game secrets, spoilers, walkthroughs, or other information not intended for general knowledge in-game.


The Hive itself is located under the Warrior Mage Fortress down in Ilithi near the Gargoyle and Snowbeast hunting area. You'll have to recite a specific poem in order to gain entrance. Once you recite the poem, you need to wait about 30 seconds, and then a Mountain Elf will guide you inside.

To learn the poem, find the Human juggler on the streets of Shard.
Look at the juggler (notice his triskele medallion).
Ask him about the medallion he wears.
Ask him about the fortress.
Ask him about the poem.

It isn't necessary to interact with the juggler to use the poem to summon the ranger escort but it does allow you to establish an IC source for your knowledge of it.

Poem to Enter Warrior Mage Fortress

Neath the depths of darkness I go
To 'scape the prying eyes of light
Under Dragon's Spine I crawl
To crawl out from under the Dragon's shadow.

Exact Recite Text

recite Neath the depths of darkness I go;To 'scape the prying eyes of light;Under Dragon's Spine I crawl;To crawl out from under the Dragon's shadow.

How To Get To the Hive

Once inside find the Mess Hall. Entrance to the Hive will require a triskele medallion which can be acquired by a Warrior Mage using a familiar to enter a guard room.

Those already possessing a triskele medallion should GO CORRIDOR, then GO ARCH, GO NORTH, touch the orb, and then go through the Egress.

You must be wearing the triskele medallion in order to pass through the security checkpoint, simply holding it or having it in a container won't work.

Obtaining a Medallion

Those without a triskele medallion need to go to the mess hall and send a familiar to the guard room via the air vent. Those who are not Warrior Mages will require one to obtain the medallion.

Credit goes to for keeping the documentation on how to get into The Hive.