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RanikMap9bMap 9c.gif
High Mountains and Sunfall Hub
Zoluren Province
Notable People: none
Landmarks: Sunfall Firepit


Creatures (level):
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Ranik's Map Key
Standard Room RanikMapStandard.gif
Point of Interest RanikMapInterest.gif
Store / Shop RanikMapShop.gif
Train Stats RanikMapStats.gif
Throughpoint / Portal RanikMapPortal.gif
Homes RanikMapHomes.gif
Water Room RanikMapWater.gif
Underwater RanikMapUnderwater.gif
Minable RanikMapMine.gif
Lumber RanikMapLumber.gif
Start of Ranger Trail RanikMapTrailHead.gif
End of Ranger Trail RanikMapTrailEnd.gif
Multiple purpose (example) RanikMapShare.gif
Unidirectional Movement Ranikkey unidir.gif
Swing to <Direction> Ranikkey swing.gif


  • The Sunfall Firepit is a safe room. Vipers can enter it, but they cannot attack you, and you cannot attack them.
  • The trail OUT of the bucca hunting area, there is NO search required, simply GO TRAIL. You only have to search it out to get IN. The room you need to do the searching in is safe.