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The Dunshade Family was once one of the Great Houses of Therengia, but the insanity, murder, and suicide of the family's leader, Byron Dunshade, marked the fall of House Dunshade. Byron Dunshade was married to wife Tatia and father to daughter Laurel, until he murdered both and then threw himself out a window and onto the iron fence at the Dunshade Manor in Riverhaven.

There are moors between Therenborough and Langenfirth called the Dunshade Moors because they once were a part of the Dunshade's land.

Byron's son Isleif has recently surfaced with documentation proving his claims, leading Baron Gyfford to reinstate House Dunshade, although not at their former level of Morzindu [tr. Great House]. Isleif currently serves as Baron Gyfford's Lord Chamberlain.

38 Dolefaren 409

During an announcement from the Royal Herald Icorigas, it was declared that Lord Isleif's Dunshade's lands and title will be returned to him, along with a set of arms fitting his new position. An appropriate ceremony is to follow.

Family Members

Isleif -- son of Byron
Byron -- deceased former head of family
Tatia -- deceased wife of Byron
Laurel -- deceased child of Byron

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