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The History of House Hedeon as related to the Theren Guard · on 12/14/2011 07:42 AM CST 1699
Yesterday evening (12/13) Lord Valkrin was kind enough to spend some time with the Theren Guard sharing with us his perspective regarding the history of the House of Hedeon. This was of particular interest to the Theren Guard since is part of what shaped our Order. We were happy to have had this opportunity to learn more about Therengian history and The Theren Guard. The following is a summary of the event.


[Therenborough Orders Office, Benjor Hall] Bracketed into the walls of this smaller room at three-foot intervals are small gold oil lamps, each with a glass flume to enclose the flame. A large elongated table sits in the center of the private chamber surrounded by several matching chairs. On the far wall hangs a piece of black slate, framed by a pair of identical lanterns. You also see an elegant rosewood tea caddy and a heavy walnut door. Also here: Guard Sergeant Glizten who is sitting, Ambassador Zynara who is sitting, Master Ranger Taliath who is sitting, Guard Triage Lieutenant Meadbh who is sitting, Captain Whitbuffalo who is sitting, Guard Lieutenant Mahone who is sitting, Guard Adjutant Jerde who is sitting, Valkrin, General Somniumvisum who is sitting and Interceptor Russon. Obvious exits: none.

Valkrin says, "We will be doing this history lesson in two parts. One this evening and another we shall arrange later. As it is a bit longish."

Valkrin says, "I have come to you today to talk about the past. Some of it you may already know, some of it you may not. I am certain some of you have heard bits and pieces from sources that may desire you to know half of the story. Since it is mainly from my perspective I may not know all of the details as viewed by others so if I bore you feel free to step out."

Valkrin says, "I am not here to defend the actions of my past. You cannot change those things in life you regret, especially if others do not choose to allow you to. So all we can really do is move forward."

Valkrin says, "In the beginning there were two noble houses fighting for favor with the Baron. Both houses stood on equal ground in that way, House Hedeon and House Thistlebriar. My father, Lord Torsten, was head of House Hedeon. We made up the financial House for the Barony."

Valkrin says, "My Lord father was a strict man, he allowed for no discussion or opinions within his House. His word was law. Only by the grace of the Baron, should he care to intervene, would trump that law."

Valkrin says, "By the time I was finally allowed out into the "real world" I really had no expectations that it would be any different than the world I knew within the House. Naive, I now know."

Valkrin says, "My cousin, Galya, although younger had been allowed outside of the walls of the House long before me under strict escort. I probably should have asked her questions instead of asking my personal guard, who were apparently advised what they should and could tell me."

Valkrin says, "So out into the world I went, with Lady Galya at my side. Salamae and Storym were the first people I met. Kind were they both and respectful but I did realize the outspoken nature of Salamae and how she seemed to take the lead on the conversation over her husband, this I found very confusing."

Valkrin says, "Females within the House were expected to hold their tongue in the presence of a man and speak only when appropriate to their station or when asked a question. I found the entire situation uncomfortable but Lady Galya spoke with her as if she were another Lady of the House. Galya and I spoke on it later and she advised me this was the way in the common community."

Valkrin says, "Our guard reported the incident to my father and Galya was punished for putting me in the situation and for being so unseemly publically. Nothing I could say would change his opinion that it was her fault."

Valkrin says, "This was often the case, Galya was often punished for things beyond her control. I believe my Lord father took out his anger regarding his brother on Galya. You see, my uncle was the true Lord of the House but when the House was accused of possible wrongdoing with the books my father convienced him to flee to the Islands and my father would assume the role of the House and take care of Galya in his sted."

Valkrin says, "It was rumored that my own Lord Father plotted the entire thing so as to assume the House. Galya and I were rather young when that all occured so I really don't know much about that."

Valkrin says, "During this time I also met Lilea through Salamae. I was nearly immediately smitten, much to my cousin's glee. How she loved to rib me about it though we both knew to keep it unknown to any others as my father already had plans for my future and a relationship to a commoner was certainly unacceptable."

Valkrin says, "Over time it was decided by the Lords of Thistlebriar and Hedeon to hold a ball. Both Houses trying to outdo each other to gain recognition by Lord Baron. The servants of the Houses apparently had gotten together with some of the common class that were invited to the ball and plotted to be rather embarassing."

Valkrin says, "What you would call a food fight ensued. Both Lords were enraged, the ladies were screaming, the servants were laughing, honestly I'd never been so outraged and some humored all at once. Galya was blamed, of course."

Valkrin says, "After what occured at the ball my father ordered Galya punished and I was afraid this time he would go too far, I offered to carry it out myself in hopes of keeping her safe. My plans really were to run away to the Islands with her and search for her father as things had gone too far."

Valkrin says, "However, the commoners had other plans. Believing I had become so angered by the Ball that I would harm Galya they attacked me just outside of the Keep. Galya pled with them but to no avail. My personal guard caught up at that time and took Galya for punishment and returned me to the House under confinment." Jerde whispers, "can you edit this down to his part and put it on the DR Forums.... i want to see the reactions"

Valkrin says, "So it came to pass that Galya was sent away to learn to become a real lady of the House, I was no longer allowed to go anywhere without my father's guard. Lilea also believed I had something to do with Galya being sent away, she did not wish anything more to do with me. I became cold, dispondant and isolated

Valkrin says, "When Galya returned to Theren and to the House she was more mindful of her tongue; outwardly. I believe my father's plans for her backfired. She was perhaps even kinder of a soul then she was before and wiser. We made plans to escape together to find her father and beg him to return and take control of the House."

Valkrin says, "Galya patched things up with Lilea and explained to her what really happened. Lilea apologized for her misjudgement and at some point we fell in love."

Valkrin says, "Somehow my Lord father got word of my affairs and arranged a union for me with a Lady of another House. As it is normal for the Lord of the House to arrange unions for his offspring he did not expect me to be happy about it but he certainly didn't expect what came next."

Valkrin says, "I'd never felt anger like that before, I have no idea where it came from. Believing I had the upper hand as his only heir, I stormed into my father's study and demanded to be allowed to marry at my choosing. Instead he laughed at me and threated harm to Galya if I did not take my birthright more seriously and that I would marry who I was told."

Valkrin says, "I went to Salamae, who had somehow become my only source of full reason. I begged her to take Galya to the Islands and keep her safe while I went on a personal war against my father. She agreed but as time drew near for them to leave I realized that by staying and fighting I was putting Lilea at risk of harm. So I wrote a letter to my father renouncing my right to Lordship and left for the Islands with Salamae, Lilea and Galya."

Valkrin says, "Not the most romantic of timing but along the way I purposed to Lilea, she accepted. Once we arrived on the Islands we discovered that Galya's father, Marlin, was alive. We had been told he had died a great many years past. We searched for and found him, he had married to a wonderful lady, however, at some point Marlin had lost much of his sanity."

Valkrin says, "However, he did agree to return to Theren and over rule Torston's order and allow me to marry outside of the laws of the House. I would still lose my right to the House but I could remain in Theren without being under my father's rule."

Valkrin says, "When we arrived back in Theren it was to find that my Lord Father had sacked the treasury of Lord Baron and fled with those loyal to him, or those that feared him, which was most of the House. Marlin knew he could not rule the House due to his mental state and Galya had no ability or desire to."

Valkrin says, "So Marlin renounced his right to the House and named me Lord. I would have to face Lord Baron and possible punishment for the crimes of the House under my father but I felt that was my duty. However, Lord Baron refused to allow me to be blamed for my father's crimes and allowed the House to remain to regain his favor."

Valkrin says, "The first thing that I chose to do was to create a Guard for the House. But not one that chose it's members by their strength of arms, but their strength of will, character, and determination. A guard loyal first to the Barony and second to the House. I would have no servants of the House that were bound to it, only those that chose to serve without fear of retribution if their failed in that service."

Valkrin says, "So the Theren Guard was formed at this point. It is also at this point that I will close tonight's lesson. The rest of the history is far more sorted and will have to wait for another night."

---Communications Authority Felicini, Order of The Theren Guard

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