Beech Glade

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Beech Glade
Province Therengia
Justice Unknown
Town El'Bain's Stop
Map Ranik's Map 41
# of Rooms 9
Store Type Drink shops, Food shops, Furrier shops, Horse shops
Restrictions Estate Holder
This store only accepts Lirums

Located west from the village of El'Bain's Stop between Langenfirth and Theren. GO TREE to enter the area.

Inner Circle (entry)

[The Beech Cordon, Inner Circle]
Two ironwood trees frame the entrance to a circle of towering silhouetted beech trees. The branches arch high overhead and entangle to form a natural canopy. On clear nights, the stars peek through the leafy boughs like gems woven in a goddess' tresses. A fire burns low in the center of the grove, the source of inviting aromas of roasted meats and vegetables.
You also see a narrow path and a hollow stump.
Obvious paths: north, south, west.

On the warm fire
Item Price Done
smoked skewered eel 0   
pot of carrot and rabbit stew with leeks and chervil 0   
pot of mashed burdocks 0   
roasted wild boar with quince sauce 0   !!
wild garlic steamed spinach 0   

Sleeping Bower

[Beech Glade, Sleeping Bower]
Sheltering branches surround a small glade and shield this area from the forest to the north. Weary travelers may rest in one of the many hammocks strung through the trees. A large chest stores blankets for those who prefer to sleep on the ground. Fireflies wink from their homes in the forest floor to dance in a warding ring of light around the trees, while the sounds of rustling branches and lullaby of a nightingale float soothingly through the dense woods.
You also see a low hammock, a forest green hammock and a white hammock.
Obvious paths: south.

Spring Chancel

[Beech Glade, Spring Chancel]
A natural spring bubbles up over a carved stone spillway into a basin of polished rose quartz. A soft light sparkles in the surfaces of the basin, and the water glints as it catches the reflection of the home fire inside the circle of beech trees. A lattice of leaves shelters this area from the dark beyond, making this spot quiet and peaceful enough to commune with Kuniyo, or whichever deity speaks to the devoted's heart.
Obvious paths: east.

Ranger-only Vaults

[The Beech Cordon, Inner Circle]
Nearly hidden within the massive groves of towering ironwood and beech trees, a small log cabin stands like a silent sentinel. With its oval doorway carefully propped open by a hand-carved wooden statue, one wonders if this is a standing invitation to those who travel here.
Obvious paths: out.

Butternut Tree

[Beech Glade, Butternut Tree]
A huge spreading butternut tree stands just outside the circle of trees. A large hole with earthen stairs leads to a space amongst its roots. A nearby willow table is laden with sweet snacks.
You also see a large hole, a cask of frostgrape wine and a keg of alder ale.
Obvious paths: north, south.

On the butternut tree
Item Price Done
buttersap tap 0   
A carved wood sign reads:
For the adventurous, *get tap* from this tree. Not for the weak at heart.
On the willow table
Item Price Done
rhubarb tart 0   
hazelnut cookies 0   
In the room...
Item Price Done
cask of frostgrape wine 0   
keg of alder ale 0   
No tankard needed. GET WINE OR ALE.

Bank Under the Roots

[Beech Cordon, Bank Under the Roots]
Damp dirt held in place by a network of butternut tree roots forms the walls of a rounded underground chamber, rich with the scents of cool sweet earth. A large rough-hewn thick plank serves as a counter, and a pale-haired Elothean teller with tiny mole-like eyes stares behind thin wired glasses in the dim light, waiting to do your bidding. The faint glow of a moongate in another chamber beyond dances within the shadows of a dimly lit earthen tunnel.
You also see a small calendar, a bank book rack with a leather bank book on it, a neatly lettered sign and some earthen stairs leading up.
Obvious exits: none.

On the bank book rack
Item Price Done
leather bank book 0   !!

Foreign Exchange

[Beech Cordon, Foreign Exchange]
A hole open to the the sky pierces the tangle of roots and earth overhead. Although underground, a faint moonbeam pushes through the opening in the ceiling and a glimmering moon gate stands wavering in the dimness. An ever vigilant moon mage, employed by the bank, hovers near the gate to ensure contact with other banks remains steady. A pair of unusual wolf-like creatures, black as twilight, and fierce as wolverines, watch every move you make.
You also see an earthen tunnel and a sign.
Obvious exits: none.

Trail (furrier)

[Beech Glade, Trail]
A narrow trail leads a short distance away from the cordon and ends at the entrance to a weathered hide tent.
Obvious paths: north, east.

Horse's Haven

[Horse's Haven]
A narrow pathway leads into an open area filled with the comings and goings of horses and their owners. Fresh bales of hay are stacked up against the wall of a well-made stable and the whinnies of horses come from its wide-open doors.
You also see a grassy track leading westward and Standish's barding shop.
Obvious paths: north, west.


[Beech Grove, Paddock]
Surrounded by trees, a workout area has been set up for horses and their riders. A white-edged fence and a vine-covered wall are set up to practice jumping techniques, along with barrels to aid in mastering turns.
Obvious paths: north, south.

Training Field

[Horse's Haven, Training Field]
Warning signs are painted on surrounding trees giving notice to spectators that jousters have the right of way. A quintain is set up in the middle of the field painted in the colors of forest green and brown.
You also see a hitching post.
Obvious paths: south, west.

Training Field (jousting)

[Horse's Haven, Training Field]
Freshly cleared, this area is laid out with a list for jousting. Hard packed dirt is covered with the stamp of hoofs and dead foliage.
You also see a hitching post and a rack with a couple of things on it.
Obvious paths: east.

On the rack
Item Price Done
jousting lance 1   
blunted lance 1