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One of the Great Houses (noble families, means "Morzindaen" in Gamgweth) of Therengia. House Weyato is one of the more significant Morzindaen, as the bulk of the road leading from Langenfirth to Therenborough is upon their land. Weyato is an old and respected House, even having an Emperor in its history. The keep of House Weyato, being one very old, has suffered damage in recent battles, and so they have begun efforts to refurbish a Gorbesh-built fortress located off the twisting trail on the road between Langenfirth and Therenborough as their own. The House's crest is an oak tree divided into blooming spring and leafless winter, on a field of half gold and half white. Currently led by Lord Ereic Weyato.


  • House Weyato is currently led by Lord Ereic Weyato.
  • Lord Edwuyan Weyato is Ereic's son and heir.
  • Lady Selan Weyato, sister to Ereic. Selan married Prince Belirendrick III of Zoluren in 334 AV. Gave birth to Vorclaf in 335 AV. She later died in childbirth.
  • Lord Chamberlain Isleif's mother was also of House Weyato, making him a relative of Vorclaf.